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Premium Jordan 6 Lace Locks to Make Getting Ready Lightning Fast

Whenever you’re rushing to get ready, tying your shoes is a time-consuming step that just gets in the way.

The good news?

You can completely eliminate the need to tie your shoes with our Jordan 6 lace locks.

If you’re in a hurry to play basketball in your Jordans, our lace locks will help you get there ASAP. They’re two decorative metal locks that will ‘lock’ your laces in place before you set foot outside.

Once installed, they work similarly to a zipper. Whenever you zip the locks up, it will tighten your shoe. Zip the locks down, and your shoes will slide off your feet with ease.

Key features include:

  • High-quality metals and golden coating
  • Effortless to install
  • Removes the need to tie your shoes
  • Sealed & Stunning packaging

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The locks are tight enough to keep your feet inside your shoes at all times, even at a full sprint. That’s a lifesaver, as loose shoes cause your feet to slide around - which can cause painful blisters.

For this reason, our Jordan 6 lace locks are a favorite amongst ball players and everyday sneakerheads alike.

We only use premium materials at LoopKing, and our lace locks are no exception. They consist of high-quality metals and coatings that resist cracking or peeling.

As long as you have your lace locks installed, you’ll never have to tie your shoes again. Beyond that, they provide a decorative look that’s similar to shoelace charms.

Besides never having to tie your shoes, lace locks also prevent loose ends. Nobody likes to contend with long loose ends that hang off the sides of the shoe, as it’s a trip hazard.

Our Jordan 6 lace locks will make you and your shoes more styling.