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Navy is one of the most popular shoe and shoelace colour. Its dark allure is not only attractive but blends well with a variety of other colours making navy laces a must-have in every lace collection.

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Because of how diverse navy laces are, our navy laces come in different lengths so you can easily find an option that works for your shoes. If you’re not sure about the right length for your shoes, we have a size chart that can help you pick the right length.

Buy Rope, Flat, Wax, and Leather Navy Laces

You can choose from the different types of navy laces we have in stock depending on the type of shoe you want to adorn the laces.

Rope Laces – Our navy rope laces collection offers the better of two worlds. The laces are triple-braided to ensure the best quality and performance and they last up to three times longer. If you want navy laces that come in a secondary colour, you can go for our spotted or striped navy laces which will add depth to your look with a second colour.

Flat Laces – Most of our flat laces come in one solid colour. However, you can also find striped and spotted varieties available. Like our rope laces, flat laces are made from the best quality materials and are cross-braided for added strength and durability. You can use our flat laces on trainers, sneakers and even hi-top boots.

Waxed Laces – Our waxed laces are a unique collection that offers multiple benefits. Waxed laces are not only of better quality but are also easier to clean and the wax makes them waterproof as well. Waxed navy laces are perfect if you like keeping a clean look without the hustle of cleaning your laces.

Leather Laces – For that phenomenal look, our leather laces are the best. The laces are waterproof and 100% fire resistant and they have gold-tip metal aglets that give the laces a nice contrast and a touch of elegance.

Navy Laces for All Sneakers

Take the look of your shoes to the next level with our collection of premium navy laces. Our shoelaces will not only enhance the look of your shoes but will offer you longer service and hold together in the roughest applications.

To ensure our laces don’t disappoint, we use the best and top-quality materials like cotton and cowhide leather for the respective laces and we also add metal aglets to all our laces to prevent fraying and ensure the laces last longer.

Quality Packaging

The shipping process is bumpy, rough and at times dusty. To ensure the laces get to you in the best condition and without dust and dirt, we use quality, airtight and zip-sealed packaging. Together with our fast shipping process, your laces are delivered right to your address quickly and in pristine condition ready to go on your sneakers or shoes.