Stunning Yeezy 380 Pepper Red Laces That Look Outstanding & Stylish

Do you want to know how you can make your Yeezy 380s look even more high-end? Try lacing them with luxury Yeezy 380 pepper red laces.

The red color gives a bright accent to the shoe, all in a unique and interesting way.

Everyone’s eyes will naturally draw to your shoelaces, so make sure that you’re sporting LoopKing luxury laces.

Our laces are all viable options for your Yeezy 380s - and we have many that come in pepper red.

Besides adding extra visual flair to your shoes, the aglet tips prevent the ends of your laces from fraying and wearing out - extending their lifespan even further.

Key features include:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Rich and vibrant pepper red color
  • Embossed gold aglet tips
  • Sealed & Stunning packaging
  • Varying lengths to accommodate different numbers of eyelets

For maximum visual appeal, try out our red luxury leather shoelaces. They’re thick and flat, which draws more attention to the fine leather.

Speaking of leather, we only use the finest materials for our shoelaces. Whether it’s the finest leather or high-grade cotton that’s extra dense, we seek to find the best materials to ensure the quality of our laces.

As a result, our shoelaces will often outlast other brands up to 3x as long.

Each lace features embossed gold aglet tips bearing the LoopKing name on one side and our Symbolic Crown logo on the other.

If you want to keep your Yeezy 380 pepper red laces looking brand-new, try out our waxed laces. We use a special wax coating that prevents the laces from accumulating dirt and grime.

There are a few different sizes available, depending on how many sets of eyelets your shoes have. So check out our size guide to make sure you pick the right lace length. Besides Yeezys, our shoelaces will fit other major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Vans, Converse, and more.
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