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Travis Scott Pink Laces That Look Fresh and Outlast Other Brands

Travis Scott’s shoes are fly-looking high-end sneaks that deserve premium laces. After all, low-grade fabric laces aren’t worthy of the Travis Scott name.

Instead, you need to try our elite-level LoopKing laces to see what you’ve been missing.

The sneaker itself is only half the equation of making footwear look awesome. If you don’t have amazing shoelaces to back it up, your sneakers will fall flat.

To truly mix things up and go for an eye-catching look, check out our Travis Scott pink laces.

The hot pink color will instantly draw attention to your kicks, and the premium materials and gold tips will dazzle the eye. They will also accentuate the best features of your Travis Scott sneakers, making them look even more high-end.

They’re also perfect for jogging, playing basketball, and relaxing with friends outside. Key features include:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • Various lengths are available to fit most shoe sizes
  • Fits all major brands (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Vans, etc.)
  • Embossed gold tips
  • A vibrant hot pink color that will attract attention

Our pink laces contain embossed gold tips that look beautiful and prevent the lace ends from fraying. That’s a big reason why our shoelaces often outlast other brands by 3x.

While other shoelace brands cut corners with the quality of materials they use, we only use the best of the best. That’s why our shoelaces look outstanding, provide adequate comfort and support, and don’t fray at the ends.

Want to look suave for a big date?

Our pink laces will never let you down, as they’re luxurious enough to handle even the swankiest of clubs and restaurants.

Finding the right length to order is another common pain point that we’ve solved. All you need to do is count how many eyelets your sneakers have, and our intuitive size guide will handle the rest.
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