White Nike Shoelaces With Premium Materials to Upgrade Your Kicks

When it comes to fly-looking footwear, the shoe itself is only half the equation.

To truly make your sneakers stand out, they need phat, high-end shoelaces featuring fine, premium materials.

Our white Nike shoelaces from LoopKing will never disappoint. We have white leather, rope, waxed, and authentic Off-White shoelaces to accommodate all your needs.

In particular, our white laces look spectacular on Nike sneakers, such as Jordans, Air Force 1s, Air Max, and many others.

Nothing makes Nikes look worse than frayed, worn-out laces. Luckily, our shoelaces are famous for outlasting other brands by up to 3x. That means you won’t have to go shoelace shopping again anytime soon, as your new laces will stay looking pristine for many months to come.

Whether you’re going for a morning run or are getting dressed to the 9s for a fancy date, our premium shoelaces can handle it all.

To look spiffy, try out our fine leather shoelaces. They’re extra thick to draw plenty of attention to your footwear, and the gold tips add extra sophistication and prevent the ends of your laces from fraying.

If basketball is your primary goal for your Nikes, our waxed shoelaces contain special coatings to stop dirt and grime from accumulating on your laces. Key features include:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • Embossed gold tips
  • Various lengths are available to fit most shoe sizes
  • A plethora of colors and patterns

If you enjoy jogging at night to avoid the heat, our reflective or glow-in-the-dark shoelaces are the way to go, as they’ll communicate your presence to motorists and other pedestrians.

Which length should you order?

Our size guide holds all the answers. All you need to do is count the sets of eyelets on your sneakers, and it will tell you which size to get.
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