Awesome NMD Laces Collection

The Nomad (NMD) line by Adidas combines classic design ideas with new technology to improve cushioning, and in some of its shoes, a primeknit upper.

The classy sneakers are perfect for just about everything and come in a wide variety of colours and contrast depending on what you want.

One of the benefits of having your favourite sneaker come in so many colours and finishes is you can change the look in many different ways. With our range of customized shoelaces, the options you have to change the look of your NMDs are unlimited.

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Adidas NMDs have different design elements which make it easy for the designers to play around with different themes and colors. With our range of laces, you can add a personal twist to the sneakers by using laces of different colors.

With our massive collection of colors and finishes, you can drastically upgrade the look of your sneakers and get them to stand out. The laces come in solid plain shades, as well as striped and spotted finishes to suit the different aesthetic preferences.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed, or Leather Adidas NMD Laces

In addition to the color, you can also try out different types of laces on your NMDs to see how they turn out. We have several exciting options that you can try out.

Flat Laces – NMDs leave the factory with flat laces. If you want to stay true to the spirit of your NMD sneakers while upgrading the look, our line of flat laces is precisely what you need. The laces are durable and come in a variety of excellent colors and patterns guaranteed to get you noticed.

Rope Laces – If you want to experiment with a new look without pushing things too far, rope laces are perfect. Our rope laces will not only amplify the look of your sneakers but are also built for strength and longevity and are ideal if you use your NMDs for running and need shoelaces that will hold your foot firmly in place.

Waxed laces – Our line of waxed laces is both elegant and functional. It’s perfect for sneaker lovers that are keen on keeping their sneakers and laces clean. By coating the laces with premium wax, we make the laces waterproof and make it difficult for dirt to pile up on the laces. In case the laces get dirty, you just need to wipe them.

Leather Laces – For sneaker lovers that pull all the stops to achieve the best look out of their sneakers, we have the luxury leather laces. Our leather laces bring an elegant, unique and standout look accented by the gold-tip metal aglets.

Premium NMD Laces

All our laces are premium quality and made using the best materials. We don’t stop at making nice looking laces. We go further to ensure we provide quality laces that represent the vision and morals of our brand.

We use the best quality cotton to make our flat and rope laces and cowhide leather to make our leather laces. All our laces have metal aglets that are harder to remove and prevent fraying.
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