Nike Air Max 90 Laces - Trendy Shoestrings

The silhouette design of the Nike Air Max 90 is a must-have in your sneaker collection. Other than its fashionable look, the Air Max 90 is ideal for running because of its comfortable and lightweight build.

To get more out of your Air Max 90s, you can amplify its look by trying out our quality laces in different colors. The laces can also make it easier for you to pair your sneakers with multiple outfits and keep the sneaker looking fresh and stunning at all times.

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When spicing up the look of your sneakers using laces, you need variety. The more laces you have, the easier it is for you to find a look you like. Our laces come in numerous colors and shades to fit any idea you might have in mind.

We have bold and vibrant colors if you’re going for a youthful and bright look. We also have subtle and neutral varieties for that clean and contemporary look.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed, or Leather Air Max 90 Laces

We have different types of shoelaces you can try out on your Air Max 90s. Each type promises a distinct look that will stand out.

Flat Laces – Flat laces are common among Air Max 90s. With our multitude of flat laces, upgrading the look of your sneakers is easy.

Rope Laces – You can try a different look on your sneakers with our rope laces. The laces are triple stitch and last up to three times longer than the other varieties. To keep your sneakers looking fresh, rope laces come in different finishes like plain, spotted and striped, and each finish comes in a bevy of colors giving you more options.

Wax Laces – You can keep your laces looking as clean as your sneaker with our collection of waxed laces. Our selection of waxed laces features flat laces with a layer of premium wax. The wax makes the laces waterproof and makes it harder for dirt and grime to stick to the laces. These laces require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Leather Laces – For drastic transformation, you should try out our luxury leather laces. Our leather laces are the perfect complement for your Air Max 90s. The laces come in different colors and shades so that you can try out different looks.

Premium Nike Air Max 90 Shoelaces

We are passionate about the laces we make. We work hard to make sure our laces stand out from the crowd and don't settle like the rest. We never compromise on quality, and we don't cut corners.

We source for the best materials for our laces and use the best practices to ensure our laces last longer and look better. We use cotton for our flat and rope laces and the best stitching methods while our leather laces are made from premium quality cowhide leather.

All our laces come with metal aglets. We prefer metal aglets because they don't come off quickly and give the laces a fantastic finish.
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