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Jaw-Dropping Jordan 5 Lace Locks to Make Tying Your Shoes a Thing of the Past

Did you know the average person spends around 973 hours in their life tying shoes?

That’s a lot of time to waste on something so mundane. What’s worse is that tying your shoes is often a wasted effort, as the laces come undone anyway.

What if there was a better way to secure your shoes to your feet?

It turns out there is; enter our LoopKing Jordan 5 lace locks. They’re special ‘locks’ that will fasten your shoelaces with one fluid motion. Once locked, your laces (and feet) aren’t going anywhere. These lock laces provide a snug fit that’s comfortable and perfect for runners.

Whenever you’re done, slide the locks down to ‘unlock’ the shoe, and you can easily take them off.

Our lace locks look so decorative that some may mistake them for shoelace charms. Key features include:

  • Resistant to fading & cracking
  • Locks shoelaces firmly in place when in use
  • Great for avoiding blisters due to loose-fitting shoes
  • Effortless to install
  • Provides a shiny, enhanced look to your shoes


You can leave the lace locks on your shoes indefinitely. That way, you’ll never have to waste time tying your shoes again.

Our Jordan 5 lace locks work similarly to a zipper. Whenever you want to ‘lock’ the shoe, simply ‘zip’ it up. To unlock, zip it down. They’re incredibly easy to use and effortless to install.

Besides their practical value, our Jordan 5 lace locks also provide a pleasing aesthetic to your shoe. We only use premium metal, so our lace locks will last for a long time.

If you’ve been looking for a way to add something new to your Jordan 5’s, our premium lace locks are a great choice.