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The first ever rubber-soled shoes for running appeared as far back as 1876. 11 years later, the term “sneakers” would be used to describe shoes for the first time, kickstarting a long journey of performance and style. These aren’t your parents boring old dress shoes, right?

Sneakers have morphed over the last century and a half and do just as well as fashion items as they do athletic gear. Every year, thousands of sneaker brands and shoe companies churn out new designs to optimize style, performance, or comfort. Learn more about the cream of the crop by reading our choices for the best sneaker brands today.

And now it’s so large, we have an actual sneaker market!

The Top 10 Sneaker Brands in the World: Upping Your Sneaker Game

There are thousands of sneaker brands that look great on a night out and perform well on the track. Many are made by small-scale designers catering to niche parts of the market or companies trying to get their foot in the door.

It’s pretty common for an underdog label to make a shoe that can easily match the style and comfort of a big brand. A bigger brand doesn’t automatically make a better shoe.

In the vast world of sneaker brands, a rare few have managed to cultivate massive followings of dedicated fans, earning them the coveted title of ‘top-tier’ brands. These exceptional brands consistently deliver a distinct and exceptional experience with each pair of sneakers they craft.

Every brand does something excellent; some prioritize optimal comfort for enhanced athletic performance, while others combine style and foot support during fashionable outings or vibrant nights in the city. Certain brands also made it to the top by being uniquely associated with a particular lifestyle or influential public figure.

From leather sneakers to other iconic sneakers, this list of 1,001 biggest sneaker brands has it all!

1. Nike

Nike is seen by most as the quintessential sneaker brand; you have to own at least one pair of Nike. This brand isn’t the most dominant name in the game for no reason.

Nike consistently produces designer sneakers that work with most outfits for most occasions. Classic Nike sneakers function in a business casual fit just as well as they work on a track or a tennis court.

2. adidas

Adidas offers a diverse range of designer sneakers tailored to every occasion, including comfortable shoes to lounge in, high-performance running gear, retro-inspired styles, and futuristic designs. The quality and longevity of Adidas sneakers also give you excellent value for money at a surprisingly affordable price. Get a pair today for shoes that work with everything from casual clothes to semi-formal suits.

3. Air Jordan

Air Jordans are the shoes you think of when someone says “sneakers.” Nike made sneakers a center point of modern fashion with the original collaboration. Since then, the Jordan brand has not disappointed in its commitment to creating fashionable, lifestyle sneakers.

4. Converse

The classic Chuck Taylor design is the oldest sneaker design still being manufactured today! The godfather of basketball shoes has been a premium design and style icon since the ’70s, favored for its sleek, simple, and classic look. They’re also incredibly comfortable to work in and look better the more worn they get.

5. Vans

Vans became the brand of choice in skateboarding communities because of their rubber soles’ impeccable grip. It was in these communities that the brand also grew into a staple in iconic rebellious and rockstar fashion trends. A pair of Vans will make your outfit feel classic and cool simultaneously.

6. New Balance

New Balance makes some of the best sneakers in the world for long-distance running. They offer near-unmatched support for ankles and superb insoles for knee health, all while remaining lightweight and ventilated. These features have also made them synonymous with success, as they’re often chosen by professionals who spend all day on their feet.


Started by the brother of the founder of Adidas, Puma is the world’s third-largest sneaker brand. Puma offers unparalleled durability and performance on the track, with sleek, lightweight designs that allow you to run effortlessly. Their designs also have a no-nonsense class to them that makes them perfect for the busy professional.

8. Reebok

Reebok sneakers somehow make a thoroughbred training shoe look magnificently stylish. Count yourself among the likes of Harry Styles and Joe Jonas with the classic Club C’s, one of the most versatile designs in existence.


What do ultra-marathon runners and programmers have in common? They love Asics. Asics are built to last in extreme conditions and yet are not too bulky or heavy for everyday comfort.

10. HOKA

The rising star on our list, HOKA is one of the newest sneaker brands on the market, and they’re spreading like wildfire. Their plush soles give the wearer extra cushioning, support, and stability. Their unique technologies are also making them popular for elite trail running.

Loop King Laces + Your Fave Sneaker Brand = Perfect Match

There are thousands of designer sneakers that will elevate your look, all made by brilliant, innovative, and creative designers and companies competing to make the best shoes. However, if you’re going to buy great shoes, you need to buy laces that match.

Loop King Laces will bring the best out of your favorite designer sneaker brands. Luxury sneakers demand premium laces tol make your semi-formal Nikes and All-Stars drip with elegance. Or get a pair of no-tie shoelaces to make your athletic life much easier.

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11-1001 Sneaker Brands To Boost Your Fit

There are 991 other great sneaker brands worth mentioning, all of which offer something fresh and innovative to the market.

Sometimes, bad weather can ruin your mood as well as your shoes. Solve this problem with a pair of Croc sneakers for wet days and Uggs for cold days. A pair of Allbirds will even have you covered when it snows!

Perhaps you’re looking for something super-futuristic or athletic sneakers. Sock sneakers and Runpros have got what you need.

A confidence boost can also come from fashion sneakers made by some of the biggest names in the fashion business. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Jimmy Choo all make elegant sneakers for men and women. You can also pursue a classic, old-money vibe with Lacoste and Polo sneakers.

There’s a sneaker for every occasion, from trekking on a mountain to talking by a watercooler, and even for weddings.

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