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While style is important, shoppers prioritize comfort (85%) and functionality (50%) even more when buying sneakers. Your kicks need to feel good on your feet and perform well, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking sharp. Puma strikes the perfect balance.

In particular, puma sneakers are renowned for combining trendy designs with top-notch comfort and performance. As such, you can conquer your day (comfortably) and still look amazing doing it. Discover your perfect pair with this list of the top 11 Puma sneakers you need to have now:

1. PUMA Palermo Leather Sneakers

Embrace timeless elegance with the Palermo Leather Sneakers from one of the top sneaker brands. The Palermo offers a sophisticated look and comfortable feel. It’s also made from high-quality, breathable leather.

The shoe features a streamlined silhouette with minimal branding that complements casual and dressier outfits. Also, the Palermo is a very durable shoe. Its sturdy rubber sole provides excellent traction and support.

2. PUMA Suede Classic XXI Sneakers

While the PUMA Suede Classic has been a staple in streetwear culture for decades, the Suede Classic XXI is a modern update on this timeless design. Its signature feature is its premium suede upper, known for its soft feel, durability, and rich texture. The Suede Classic XXI maintains the minimalist aesthetic that made the original famous with clean lines and classic colorways.

Despite its low-top design, the Suede Classic XXI offers surprising comfort and support. The padded collar and cushioned footbed guarantee all-day comfort. As such, they make these trending Puma shoes perfect for everyday wear.

3. PUMA Deviate NITRO 2 Running Shoes

The Puma Deviate NITRO 2 is perfect for serious runners who demand the best from their footwear. Their core features the innovative NITRO foam midsole for exceptional energy return. The outsole is built for superior traction on various surfaces to ensure you maintain control and confidence with every step.

4. PUMA Magnify Nitro 2 Running Shoes

The Puma Magnify boasts a thick layer of Puma’s nitrogen-infused Nitro foam in the midsole for exceptional cushioning. The sleek, modern design features a breathable knit upper to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Even more, the stylish silhouette ensures the lacing looks good, while the strategically placed rubber placements on the outsole provide added traction and long-lasting wear.

5. PUMA ForeverRUN Nitro Running Shoes

Look no further than the ForeverRUN Nitro Running Shoes if you’re a dedicated runner who prioritizes endless comfort. As one of the best athletic shoes, they’re built to go the distance with a combination of Puma’s Nitro Foam and ProFoam Lite technology in the midsole. The upper features a light, breathable mesh that cools your feet during intense runs.

6. PUMA Mayze Women’s Sneakers

The PUMA Mayze Women’s Sneakers feature a chunky stacked sole that adds instant height and a bold statement to any outfit. Their upper often features a combination of leather and suede for a touch of sophistication.

Comfort isn’t sacrificed for style with the Mayze. A padded tongue and collar provide all-day comfort, while the platform sole adds a surprising level of cushioning. Level up your Puma Mayze sneakers with Loop King shoelaces.

Unlike those basic laces that come with the shoes, Loop King offers a massive selection of lace colors and materials. Find the perfect pair of laces for your outfit, or add a pop of personality. From classic black to vibrant neon, we have laces to elevate your Mayze sneakers and make them yours.

7. PUMA Roma Classic Gum Sneakers

This iconic silhouette was originally designed for sprints and hurdles in the 1968 Puma archives. However, it transcended athletic origins to become a timeless fashion staple. This stylish footwear boasts a clean upper with minimal details that fit different outfits.

The Puma Roma features high-quality leather that provides a luxurious feel and long-lasting durability. A thick, padded tongue and arch support ensure all-day comfort. The unique contrast between the white upper and the gum rubber outsole adds bits of a modern flair to this classic design.

8. PUMA RS-XK Sneakers

The Puma RS-X is a chunky sneaker that pushes boundaries with its bold design and innovative technology. Its mixed-material upper, often combining mesh and suede, adds further visual interest. Innovative features like energy-returning midsoles allow for a comfortable and responsive ride.

9. PUMA All-Pro Nitro Men’s Team Basketball Shoes

These shoes are great for athletes who demand peak performance and on-court style. The shoes have a responsive Nitro foam midsole. It provides great energy return for explosive movements on the court.

The upper part of the PUMA All-Pro Nitro Men’s Team Basketball Shoes has breathable mesh. It also has overlays in strategic places. These add-ons make for a secure and comfy fit.

10. PUMA x LAMELO BALL MB.01 Lo Men’s Basketball Shoes

The MB.01 Lo Men’s Basketball Shoes sneakers are low-top. They have a unique, eye-catching design that reflects LaMelo Ball’s flamboyant personality. Choose from vibrant colorways to express your style.

Experience superior cushioning and responsiveness with PUMA’s innovative NITRO FOAM™ midsole. This technology ensures a smooth ride and optimal energy return. The low-boot construction keeps your ankles stable during quick cuts and aggressive maneuvers.

11. RS-X Camo Dye Men’s Sneakers

The RS-X Camo Dye Men’s Sneakers are for those who like to push boundaries and embrace a unique look. Its eye-catching camouflage print features a dye effect for a truly unique aesthetic. The upper part combines mesh and synthetics to add depth and texture to the design.

Plush cushioning on the shoes ensures all-day comfort, whichever way you’re rocking them. PUMA incorporates modern technology into the RS-X, offering a comfortable and responsive ride. These comfortable sneakers let you turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

Elevate Your Puma Sneakers With Loop King Shoelaces

Puma sneakers are stylish, comfortable, and come in several options to suit your taste. But here’s the thing: those basic laces they come with don’t do them justice. Loop King shoelaces are the perfect way to elevate your Puma sneakers to the next level.

We offer premium laces made with the finest materials, so they’ll look fantastic and last way longer than the average shoelace. Choose from various stand-out colors and patterns to match your style and make your Puma sneakers unique. Don’t settle for boring laces — unleash the full potential of your sneakers with Loop King.

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