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What began with a modest $1,100 investment in 1990 grew into one of the world’s largest footwear brands with Steve Madden.

The brand grew a significant following in the early 2000s, and there’s been a renewed interest in Steve Madden athletic shoes recently, with the brand reaching peak levels of revenue in 2021.

Known equally for their timeless minimalist designs & bold, chunky sneakers, the brand has an impressive and vast repertoire of shoes.

Yet, with so many options & color choices, finding the perfect shoe for your needs takes a lot of work. 

That’s why we’ve taken the time to select the 11 best Steve Madden sneakers for exercising, going out with friends, casual use, and more.

In a hurry?

We’ve rounded up our Top 11 Steve Madden Sneakers in the table below. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or just trying to elevate your everyday style, these options have got you covered. So don’t stress – slip into a pair of these sneakers and watch heads turn wherever you go.

1. Steve Madden Zabb Sneaker

Who says you can’t look fabulous during your morning run or yoga session?

The Zabb sneaker combines Steve Madden’s signature style with the comfort & support provided by a top-tier running shoe.

It features a flexible rubber sole and stylish multi-colored upper that really stands out. It pairs perfectly with beige leggings, jeans, and shorts.

The tongue bears the brand name, adding an extra touch of visual appeal and luxury.

PRO TIP: Also, a pair of high-end leather laces will make these sneakers look outstanding.

2. Steve Madden Women’s Rezume Sneaker

If you want a casual sneaker that’s comfy & supportive but also looks cute, you’ll love the Rezume Sneaker.

Its studded rhinestone star decal pairs perfectly with its muted colors, chrome lining, and synthetic upper. Whether you’re hanging out around the house or running errands all day, these sneaks won’t let your feet down.

Another perk is how well they go with virtually any type of outfit, as you can wear them to school, on dates, to the airport, and more.

PRO TIP: Try lacing your Rezume’s up with luxury rhinestone shoelaces to complement the star decal.

3. Steve Madden Women’s Maxima Sneaker

Would you rather get married in comfy sneakers instead of stiff dress shoes?

Then you’re sure to love the Maxima sneaker from Steve Madden.

An ideal wedding sneaker, it boasts a lacey white color, gorgeous rhinestone embellishments, and a stylish lycra & knit design.

Besides weddings, this sneaker is excellent for fancy parties, anniversaries, dates, and other special occasions. Thanks to the glitter & rhinestones, these sneaks are indeed a sight to behold at nighttime.

PRO TIP: To give them some extra oomph, try adding shoelace charms and lace locks for maximum visual appeal.

4. Steve Madden Women’s Myles Sneaker

If you want a trendy sneaker that can do it all, the Myles Sneaker is an excellent choice.

The Myles comes in many colors and designs, including a stunning leopard print that will look stunning peeking out underneath a matching dress.

The unique raised collar makes the Myles a hybrid between a low-top and a high-top, and it features a 1.75” chunky sole – making it a formidable workout shoe.

Yet, the upper is classy enough to pull off nights out on the town & high-profile parties.

PRO TIP: A lively pair of drawstring-style laces are precisely what this sneaker needs to become a true fashion statement.

5. Steve Madden Women’s Catcher Sneaker

The Catcher sneaker is the way to go for fans of Steve Madden’s minimalist style, as it embodies the low-key street-chic spirit.

Highlight features include a contrasting collar for stand-out visual appeal and a low-profile silhouette with a rounded toe that screams casual comfort.

Dress the Catcher up or down with jeans, a dress, leggings, and more. Enjoy its breathable fabric lining during long walks on campus, or show off its pristine white color at a restaurant or coffee shop.

PRO TIP: Try lacing the Catcher with luxury velvet shoelaces to liven things up and give the shoe more pizazz.

6. Steve Madden Women’s Cliff Sneaker

Want a sneaker stylish enough to pull off dressy shirts while giving you a boost in height?

That’s precisely what the Cliff sneaker provides, and it’s available in a ton of ultra-cool colorways – from animal print to neon green and beyond.

The upper features a combination of leather & textiles, which gives way to visual designs that are genuinely compelling.

You can’t go wrong with the Cliff if you want your shoes to fetch you plenty of compliments.

PRO TIP: Rope-style laces are the way to go here, and keeping at least a few colors on hand is best.

7. Steve Madden Women’s Starling Sneaker

The Starling is the embodiment of a cute casual sneaker perfect for enjoying everyday life.

A 1-inch platform bottom provides a flattering boost in height, and the perforated 100% leather upper features a fun star embellishment.

Its suede sole is plenty comfortable, and there’s no shortage of visually appealing colorways.

PRO TIP: The Starling looks best when paired with high-end yellow leather shoelaces.

8. Steve Madden Women’s Possession Sneaker

The Possession is a highly supportive, bulkier offering that doesn’t skimp on style. The synthetic rubber sole will support your steps, while the back-pull tab ensures you won’t have any difficulty removing your sneakers.

The 2.5-inch platform bottom provides a boost in height while protecting your feet from the hard ground.

Fashion-wise, the shoe works great with leggings, jeans, and skirts, and plenty of exciting colorways are available.

PRO TIP: For a fun look and to stay safe at night, try using reflective laces with your Possession sneakers.

9. Steve Madden Women’s City Soul Sneaker

The City Soul in Teal Multi is the perfect sneaker for fans of the eccentric, and it makes an excellent workout/running shoe.

Its elaborate Teal Multi colorway includes rainbow reflective chrome, a 1-inch platform, and a textile upper that meshes pink, green, and turquoise.

The sneaker is also available in plain Black and White for fans of more reserved color tones.

PRO TIP: Due to the smaller eyelet size, the City Soul pairs best with colored rope laces.

10. Steve Madden Ganzo-R Sneaker

The Ganzo-R is a luxury sneaker featuring a studded rhinestone decal on the upper and a perforated toe cap for maximum style.

It’s the ideal sneaker for a hot date or formal evening where you want to look outstanding without sacrificing comfort. Its rubber sole will support you whether you’re standing around socializing or tearing up the dance floor.

PRO TIP: A pair of crystal rhinestone shoelaces will transform the Ganzo-R into a powerful force to behold.

11. Steve Madden Women’s Pike Sneaker

Great for casual use and working out, the Pike features a super-cool silhouette and a 2.5-inch platform.

It’s a chunky sneaker with a breathable textile upper and synthetic lining. Whether you’re jogging or taking a relaxing walk in the park, the Pike can easily handle both situations.

PRO TIP: Waxed laces are an ideal choice for the Pike, as the special coating will prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on your laces while exercising outdoors.

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