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Whether you’re headed to a lavish wedding or simply want to look stunning around the house, Vintage Havana has the perfect sneaker for every occasion.

The legendary women’s streetwear company has been setting fashion trends since 1954, and their footwear catalog is vast, to put it mildly.

From minimalist slip-ons to glitzy high-tops doused head-to-toe in glitter, Vintage Havana sneakers are as versatile as they are high-quality.

Yet, with such a large selection we have access to, narrowing things down can take a lot of work. 

That’s why we’ve compiled the 11 best Vintage Havana sneakers to suit every type of occasion.

Need to step up your sneaker game but pressed for time?

Look no further! Check out our handpicked selection of Vintage Havana Sneakers that are sure to elevate your wardrobe and leave everyone impressed.

1. Vintage Havana Women’s Gadol Shoe

The Women’s Gadol Shoe features Vintage Havana’s signature star design with a studded stripe and side zip for a look perfect for hitting the town with friends.

While the shoe features a lace panel, it’s a slip-on at heart – so the shoelaces are purely for aesthetic purposes (this sneaker looks amazing with Off-White laces).

The leather/man-made upper is both visually appealing and easy on the foot, making this sneaker an ideal choice for running errands, going out to dinner, and taking walks through the park. They fit true to size, so your usual size should provide a snug fit.

2. Vintage Havana Major

Want to look fabulous during your morning run?

Then the Vintage Havana Major is the shoe for you. It’s specifically designed for superior comfort, speed, and durability and has a slick, high-end look.

Visual stand-outs include its glittery star decal, chrome toe cap, and animal print lining on the collar.

The rubber sole and aerodynamic design make the Major a ridiculously comfortable running shoe, and it’s luxurious enough to pull off nights out on the town.

PRO TIP: This sneaker looks fantastic paired with jeans or leggings, and a pair of luxury leather shoelaces will take things to the next level.

3. Vintage Havana Serenity

If all-white shoes tickle your fancy, the Serenity is sure to satisfy you. A pure white sneaker, it’s 100% leather from the sole to the lace-up closure.

An insanely comfortable and stylish shoe, it can pull off running errands, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and more.

Other attractive features include a pure-white star decal and a round-toe silhouette for maximum comfort.

Highly versatile, you can rock these kicks with jeans, leggings, shorts, sweats, and more.

PRO TIP: Shoelace-wise, a high-end pair of white leather laces will elevate these sneakers to new heights.

4. Vintage Havana Rock Glitter Sneakers

Looking for your new go-to casual sneaker?

Then the Rock Glitter Slip-On is here to revitalize your wardrobe. This sneaker has a classic design and comfy rubber insole and supports your feet during long workdays and extended study sessions on campus.

Despite their casual nature, there are enough visual highlights here to set the Rock Glitter Slip-Ons apart from the pack.

Reflective toe caps, a glitter star decal, and a stylish lining round out this exceptional sneaker, and the high-quality upper is 100% leather.

PRO TIP: Try pairing them with high-end rhinestone laces for a ritzy look to enhance any outfit.

5. Vintage Havana Women’s Flair

If you’re more of a fan of subtle beauty, the minimalist style of the Flair shoe will be right up your alley.

These sneakers forego the glitz and glitter in favor of reserved color tones and practicality.

Featuring high-end leather, the Flair features a slip-on style with a rubber sole and a slightly distressed outsole for style.

They work exceptionally well for casual, everyday use, but they’re nice enough to pull off a night out on the town, as they’re versatile enough to match with any outfit flawlessly.

The online reviews also rave about how comfortable these shoes are, so they’re great to have around if you’re going to spend a long day on your feet.

PRO TIP: Try lacing them up with luxury rope laces to add even more flair to the Flair.

6. Vintage Havana Women’s Jane

These unique high-top sneakers are formal enough to wear at a professional office job yet stylish enough for nightclubs & bars.

The leather upper is perforated and features the Vintage Havana star decal and a side zipper to make putting your shoes on a breeze.

While the shoe has a no-tie closure, it has a lace-up design, so you can still rock premium shoelaces with it, such as velvet laces.

The cushioned insole and midsole provide adequate support & comfort, and the rear pull tab makes it effortless to take them off.

7. Vintage Havana Rock

What’s great about Vintage Havana’s Rock is that it can be whatever you want.

Need an exercise shoe?

Its design, comfort, and support make it an excellent choice for walks, runs, and playing sports.

Want a comfy pair of shoes for running errands?

The round-toe silhouette and leather upper will protect your feet, while its star decal & beautiful navy camo pattern will keep you looking cute & stylish.

PRO TIP: Add a pair of luxury waxed laces to pull off wearing them for dinner and drinks with friends, which have the added benefit of not getting dirty.

8. Vintage Havana Limitless

If you need footwear for an upcoming wedding or fancy party, look no further than the Vintage Havana Limitless sneaker.

The glitter upper will dazzle onlookers, while the contrasting star decal and heel lining add depth & dimension. 

Whether you’re the one getting married or are going to dance it up with a date, these sneakers won’t let you down.

PRO TIP: For maximum visual appeal, try pairing them with red premium rope laces.

9. Vintage Havana Extra

If you want your footwear to turn heads, then the Extra is your dream shoe.

It’s available in a wide array of bright, vibrant colors that are sure to draw attention to your kicks. The signature star decal is here in full force, along with a fine leather/mesh upper.

The Extra is also super comfy, as its distressed vulcanized sole provides soft, responsive steps.

PRO TIP: To make your Extras even more extra, try adding hot pink shoelaces.

10. Vintage Havana Zaria

Do you go nuts for animal print?

If so, the Zaria in Wild Cheetah will become your new favorite. The upper is a blend of synthetic and leather, and the distressed outsole provides a loose, comfy feel.

Perfect for nights out on the town as well as running errands/hanging out with friends, the Zaria achieves the best of both worlds.

PRO TIP: Also, a high-end pair of black shoelaces will further enhance Zaria’s visual appeal.

11. Vintage Havana Kate Snake Sneakers

For something a little different, the Kate Snake sneakers feature an all-over snake print that’s unique, sleek, and stylish.

The shoe also features a no-tie lace accent & a suede sole for equal parts style and support.

The Kate Snake works best as a casual sneaker, but it can work in more formal settings with a few tweaks (think high-end shoelaces and charms).

PRO TIP: You can pair the Kate Snake with glow-in-the-dark shoelaces to get even more eccentric with your look.

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