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With unique street-style designs and a hefty investment from Mark Wahlberg, Italian luxury sneaker brand P448 has made a name for itself in an already crowded industry filled with fierce competition.

It helped that P448 sneakers are notorious for fitting superbly straight out of the box, thanks to their soft leather that instantly conforms to the natural shape of your foot.

Combine that with awe-inspiring colorways and a price tag notoriously lower than other luxury sneaker brands, and you have a winning formula.

If you’re interested in giving P448 a try, you’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned as we count down the top 11 P448 sneakers that’ll revitalize your style. 

Note that they rarely have a sale, but you get what you pay for price wise. These are all top-shelf!

Pressed for time but searching for some top-notch P448 Sneakers?

Look no further than this list of the 11 most stellar kicks the brand has to offer. Get ready to lace up and step out in style!

1. P448 Low-Top John Sneaker

The John is one of P448’s most popular athletic shoes, and it’s easy to see why the minute you try it on. The John is ridiculously comfortable- even without socks, featuring heavenly-soft leather and special cushioning around the heel.

The design boasts meticulous attention to detail, with gorgeous colorways, high-quality materials, and a perforated version of the P448 logo.

Best worn as a fashion sneaker, the John truly shines at parties, hangouts, restaurants, and coffee shops.

PRO TIP: Use premium quality leather shoelaces to give the John a significant visual upgrade.

2. P448 John Multifur Sneaker

The one in multi fur is an entirely different beast, boasting a wild animal-print style design that will elevate any outfit.

It’s comfy, stylish, and edgy, making it the perfect sneaker for concerts, clubs, and live events.

Another perk of the John is that it’s thicker on the inside, making it ideal for colder climates. If you’ve been looking for a flashy sneaker that’ll keep your feet warm, the John in Mulltifur is the way to go.

PRO TIP: Pair the sneaker with crystal rhinestone laces to take its style to the next level.

3. P448 Skate-W

Looking for the perfect skate shoe?

The Skate-W has a handy side zipper, a fine leather upper, and a comfortable padded collar for stability while skating.

It’s a classic high-top available in many exciting colorways that include things like glitter & fun textile patterns.

The Skate-W is an ideal sneaker for hitting the skate park, taking in a punk rock concert, and hanging out in dive bars.

PRO TIP: Give them some stand-out visual appeal with a pair of premium cotton rope shoelaces.

4. P448 Women’s Star Sneakers

The Star is a top-tier sneaker for colder weather, and it brings to mind trotting through the snow to a coffee shop for hot chocolate.

It’s a classic round-toe silhouette with a delicate embossed leather upper, the signature logo on the tongue, and a padded collar to prevent break-in blisters.

The side panels contain zippers for easy on-and-off access, and the soft terry-loop lining is comfy & warm.

PRO TIP: An additional perk is how well these sneakers match most winter outfits. For more visual flair with a hint of holiday cheer, try lacing the Star with red velvet shoelaces.

5. P448 Cancun

The Cancun sneaker combines the support & design of an athletic shoe with the street-style designs the brand is known for.

The multi-colored textile upper looks sleek and stylish, and the lived-in aesthetic further adds to the appeal. The manufactured lining and insole are surprisingly comfortable, so you won’t have to spend much time breaking these in.

Whether you plan on walking, jogging, doing yoga, or playing basketball, the Cancun has enough padding & support to handle them all easily.

PRO TIP: Try using waxed laces for the Cancun, as the special wax coating will prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime.

6. P448 Women’s Jack Sneakers

The Jack is a staple of the P448 lineup, as it’s an incredibly versatile & visually appealing low-top. There are tons of exciting textile patterns & colorways available, all featuring a perforated P448 logo on the upper.

The women’s Jack is the ultimate cool-girl sneaker, and you can wear it to just about any occasion.

PRO TIP: To transform your Jack into a true fashion statement, accessorize it with shoelace charms and lace locks.

7. P448 Thea Sneakers

If you look for comfort the most in a pair of sneakers, you should gravitate toward the Thea. While all P448 sneakers are renowned for their comfort, the Thea particularly excels in this regard.

Why is that?

It’s because the footbed is padded with memory foam, the tongue is lined with a soft terry cloth, and the entire shoe features breathable synthetic lining.

In other words, if you plan on walking long distances or standing for extended periods of time, the Thea is the way to go. If you plan on being out at night, wear reflective shoelaces to stay safe.

8. P448 Taylor High-Tops

Taylors are another high-top offering from P448, and they mimic the look and feel of boots. Great for colder weather, the Taylor provides the warmth & support P448 high-tops are so well known for.

In particular, the Ortisei colorway provides an appealing boot-like texture to the high-tops, which pair well with jeans & winter coats.

PRO TIP: If you don’t like spending lots of time tying your athletic shoes, you can save time by lacing your Taylors with no-tie shoelaces.

9. P448 John Wasabi 41

Another take on the classic John low-top, the John Wasabi features an ultra-stylish colorway that’s similar to snakeskin.

It’s a bold fashion statement that will turn heads at parties, concerts, clubs, and on campus.

PRO TIP: A colorful pair of original Off-White shoelaces will properly accessorize this eye-grabbing sneaker.

10. P448 Mason Women’s Sneakers

The Mason is an excellent choice if you’re after a sneaker that looks super cute and girly.

Highlight features include a gorgeous white leather trim, an Ombre pink leather upper, a perforated logo, and a blush pink suede tongue.

It’s a luxurious sneaker that you can wear to weddings, formal dinners, and anniversaries.

PRO TIP: All that’s missing is a pair of premium pink laces for maximum girl power.

11. P448 QueensMid Italian Leather Gold Gloss Sneaker

Last but not least, the QueensMid is the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury sneakers from P448.

The upper features genuine leather from Italy, in addition to a cotton terry lining, memory foam-padded footbed, and white rubber sole.

It’s a powerhouse of a shoe that’s best saved for the most special of occasions.

PRO TIP: All that’s missing are a luxury pair of gold leather shoelaces to complete the fashion statement.

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