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With the global market expected to reach $120 billion by 2026, the sneaker business is booming. That’s right, sneakers are no longer just athletic wear. They have become a staple piece in modern fashion.

And when it comes to luxury sneakers that elevate your everyday style, Prada has got you covered. Their sneakers seamlessly blend high fashion with functionality. If you are a trendsetter, Prada sneakers should be a must-have in your designer sneaker collection.

To find the right fit for you, lace up and get ready to explore 13 trendy sneakers in 2024.

1. Prada Monolithic Sneakers

The Monolithic is a true Prada powerhouse. It’s a chunky dad sneaker that brings comfort, statement, and luxury together.

One of its prominent features is the chunky platform sole. It’s not only trendy but also adds a touch of height, making your legs look longer. The upper is a blend of smooth and textured leather panels and black laces.

Prada doesn’t shy away from branding with the Monolithic. The oversized logo ensures everyone recognizes that you’re rocking luxury.

2. Prada Men’s 2EG293 Gold Fabric Cloudburst Thunder Sneaker

The Prada Men’s 2EG293 Gold Fabric Cloudburst Thunder Sneaker is a statement piece for the fearless fashionista. This chunky platform shoe combines comfort and a bold design. Its platform sole helps elevate your silhouette for a trend-forward vibe.

With its gold fabric upper, you get a comfy, sock-like fit that molds to your foot. It also boasts a futuristic aesthetic that complements the shoe’s bold design.

3. The Prada Linea Rossa Sneaker

The Prada Linea Rossa comes in a low-top silhouette. It offers a perfect blend of timeless design, functionality, and a touch of luxury.

With the Linea Rossa, you get a clean and streamlined design that never goes out of style. The low-top cut ensures maximum ankle mobility. You can either dress it up or down.

The sneaker features a breathable mesh and nylon upper with laces you can braid in various ways. This offers superior breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfy all day. Additionally, the sneaker has a rubber sole for excellent traction and support.

4. The Prada America’s Cup

The Prada America’s Cup is a sneaker that pays subtle homage to Prada’s rich sailing heritage. This low-top silhouette symbolizes timeless luxury with a minimalist design. Clean lines and a low-cut design create a sleek look.

With this sneaker, you get to enjoy a buttery soft leather upper. It elevates the look of the shoe, offering a comfortable and breathable experience.

The sneaker also features a small, embossed Prada logo on the tongue. You get a touch of brand recognition that doesn’t overwhelm the minimalist aesthetic.

5. Prada Superstar Sneaker

Prada takes a walk on the wild side with their reimagined Superstar sneaker. It’s a collaboration between the iconic Italian luxury brand Prada and the sportswear giant Adidas. The Prada Superstar sneaker blends Prada’s premium craftsmanship and leather expertise.

The high-end fashion shoes feature a white leather upper with textured and ridged details on the toe box. What makes these sneakers special is the Prada branding. The “Made in Italy” phrase is hot-stamped behind the three stripes.

6. Prada Double Wheel Re-Nylon Gabardine Sneakers

The Prada Double Wheel Re-Nylon Gabardine Sneakers are a perfect blend of eco-conscious design and modern flair. Made from regenerated nylon, it offers a luxurious feel with a lower environmental impact.

It’s also lightweight and durable, making these sneakers perfect for all-day wear. The standout feature is the “double wheel” sole. It has a distinct ridged and grooved texture for a retro-inspired look.

This sole offers a durable and gripped base for style and functionality. The sneaker’s gabardine upper comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, and pink. No Prada sneaker is complete without the iconic triangle logo.

7. Prada Mechano Sneakers

The Prada Mechano Sneakers are a bold statement piece with an industrial chic vibe. It lives up to its name with a unique upper that appears deconstructed and rebuilt. Panels of leather and mesh are fused intriguingly.

A chunky sole emphasizes the industrial aesthetic of the shoe. It provides extra traction and a bit of height, making them ideal for navigating around.

8. Prada Men’s DOWNTOWN Sneakers NERO 2EE364-069-002

The Prada Downtown Leather Sneakers in Nero sneakers are an instant classic. Crafted from premium black leather, these sneakers boast a clean and sophisticated look. The leather provides a luxurious feel and ensures durability.

These luxury sneakers feature a classic low-top silhouette. You also get a metallic Prada triangle logo on the tongue or side panel.

9. Prada Women’s 1E553L Beige Leather Prax01 Sneaker

The Prada Women’s 1E553L Beige Leather Prax01 Sneaker features high-quality beige leather. Get these sneakers and elevate your look with a touch of sophistication. It also features a chunky platform sole for added boldness.

Some versions of the Prax01 may have a combination of smooth and textured leather panels. This can add visual interest and dimension to the design.

10. Prada Women’s Sneakers Low Cut 1E946M 3LJ6 F0009

The Prada Women’s Sneakers Low Cut in White offers comfort and versatility. This allows for ankle mobility. Its most prominent feature is the white Vit.Sport upper for a sporty aesthetic.

11. Prada Downtown Delavé Suede Sneakers

The Prada Downtown Delavé Suede Sneakers boast a unique delavé suede upper. This gives them a sophisticated yet slightly worn-in look. Despite the delavé finish, the design maintains clean lines for a modern and sleek fashion aesthetic.

12. Prada Logo-Jacquard Leather Sneakers

The Prada Logo-Jacquard Leather Sneakers feature a blend of smooth black leather and Prada’s signature logo-jacquard canvas material. The jacquard pattern incorporates the brand’s iconic triangle logo. It also features a classic round-toe silhouette and a lace-up front closure for a secure fit.

13. Prada Men’s Scamosciato Nylon Low-Top Sneakers

The Prada Men’s Scamosciato Nylon Low-Top Sneakers offer a sporty-chic look. These luxury sneakers combine luxurious suede with durable nylon. The nylon offers breathability, while the suede adds a touch of sophistication.

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