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Hip-hop culture has long been a driving force behind many popular fashion trends, from Adidas tracksuits to oversized white t-shirts.

Yet, there’s one area of fashion where hip-hop reigns supreme in particular – footwear.

In particular, artists and sneakerheads have a special relationship. In fact, nearly every best-selling sneaker on the market involved someone from the hip-hop world either backing it or designing it.

From Yeezys to Nike Air Force 1’s, hip-hop and sneakers are a match made in heaven. And many of them have some unique features:

  • Lightweight and durable canvas
  • Full length side zipper
  • Leather flocked sole
  • Non slip lug outsole
  • Ankle support
  • Integrated collar
  • Zip closure
  • Clear polyurethane coating
  • Cushioned eva footbed
  • An achilles notch

PRO TIP: You definitely want a secure fit for your foot. For some shoes, you can order the same size as you normally do, some a size larger is needed, and some smaller. So be sure to check if they run big or small.

Hip-hop shoes are a surefire way to add some swagger to your outfits, no matter how you dress. That’s why we’re counting down the top 15 hip-hop sneakers that’ll provide a serious boost to your sense of style.

Feeling rushed and in need of a statement-making look?

Rock the hottest street style and turn heads by stepping out with any of these top 15 Hip Hop Sneakers of all-time! Throw on a pair to complete your look with an extra dose of serious swagger. Get ready in less time – stand above the rest, make it fashion!

1. Nike Air Force 1

You can find Air Force 1s gracing the feet of hip-hop all-stars such as Nelly, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky, among others.

While Nelly’s single ‘Air Force Ones’ put these sneakers on the map, they continue to be a favorite today due to their stellar sense of style, retro feel, and versatility.

Air Force 1’s are great for walks, morning runs and socializing with friends.

2. Adidas Superstars

We can’t have a list of iconic sneakers without mentioning the Adidas Superstar, the flagship sneaker of Run DMC.

The collaboration between Adidas and Run DMC was historically one of the first times a fashion brand and musicians teamed up.

Superstars remain a staple of sneaker fashion even in today’s age due to their timeless appeal, classic ‘Adidas’ look, and comfort.

If a casual sneaker is what you want, it’s hard to find one better than the Superstar.

3. Puma Suede

Originally a sports shoe (NBA star Walt Frazier famously endorsed them in 1973), the hip-hop world soon took notice – primarily for suede’s durability and flexibility (they were a favorite of breakdancers due to this).

Puma Suede’s feature fine leather for a classy look while being perfect for sports, exercise, and going to dinner with friends.

4. Ewing 33 Hi

If high-top sneakers are more your thing, the Ewing 33 Hi is the hip-hop sneaker for you.

The group Naughty By Nature sports these stellar high-tops, and they just partnered with Death Row Records (a leading hip-hop label) in 2019.

Similar to a lightweight combat boot, these ‘sneakerboots’ provide a tough, beefy look.

5. K-Swiss Tennis Classics

Nothing screams ‘West Coast’ or ‘laid back’ like a pair of K-Swiss Tennis Classics, favorites of West Coast legends Snoop Dogg and Tupac.

If you’re taking it easy while hanging out with friends, these sneakers are a perfect choice.

Proper Hip-Hop Laces for Your Sneakers from LoopKing

blue black rope round shoelaces

A fly street shoe only makes up half the equation for your footwear.

Besides getting your hands on some classic hip-hop shoes, you need premium quality shoelaces to go along with them.

After all, nobody wants to see Yeezys or Air Force 1s with low-grade, worn-out laces.

That’s why you need to check out our selection of luxury leather, rope, waxed, velvet, and rhinestone laces to add style, sophistication, and swagger to your hip-hop sneakers – so don’t wait to try them out now.

6. Nike Air Jordan III

Air Jordans are closely associated with hip-hop in general, but the Air Jordan III is the cream of the crop.

Spike Lee even reprised his role as Mars Blackmon (She’s Gotta Have It) for the commercials.

It was also a complete rethink of basketball sneakers in general, with Nike taking visual inspiration from elephants, of all things.

Air Jordan III’s have a dope silhouette and can work both off and on the court.

7. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

While Nike and Adidas dominated the East Coast, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars were the quintessential sneaker in California.

In fact, N.W.A. regularly wore Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars on stage and in their music videos. Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg are also big fans of this classic sneaker.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars can work for virtually any occasion, and they’re great for protecting your feet (which is why weightlifters prefer to wear Converse).

8. Nike Dunks

It’s since been rebranded as a skate shoe, but no one can argue the impact that Nike Dunks had on the scene.

Grandmaster Flash famously wore a pair on the cover art for his ‘Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang’ album, and Dunks helped popularize sneaker collecting amongst hip-hop fans.

They’re also sweet-looking kicks that work for basketball, performing on stage, skating, and going out on the town.

9. Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Yeezy is the brainchild of Ye himself, Kanye West. Out of all the Yeezy’s, the Boost 350 V2 has one of the sleekest designs and exceptional versatility.

They boast a comfy fit and beautiful color scheme that you won’t find anywhere else. (Side note: here are some dope Yeezy lacing styles to help mix up your look).

10. Nike Cortez

Another cornerstone of West Coast hip-hop artists, the Nike Cortez has a sleek silhouette that stars like Eazy E are constantly seen rocking.

It’s a runner at heart, making it an ideal sneaker to don for your regular morning run.

Dope Hip-Hope Shoelaces That Outlast Competitors

Want to know how to take your Air Jordan IIIs or Yeezys to the next level?

Fit them with a pair of our premium gold or purple fine leather laces with embossed gold aglet tips from LoopKing for some extra swag.

We also have top-tier velvet, waxed, rhinestone, rope, and glow-in-the-dark laces to choose from, so don’t wait to check them out today.

11. Nike Air Foamposite

An incredibly ambitious shoe for its time, the Nike Air Foamposite first debuted in 1997. It’s since become a staple of the Nike lineup and a favorite of hip-hop stars like Cam’ron and the Wu-Tang Clan.

They’re equally as comfortable as they are visually appealing, and they’re great for running or playing basketball.

12. Nike Air Max2 CB ‘94

The signature sneaker of Sir Charles Barkley, the Nike Air Max2 CB ‘94, has a look that can only be described as ‘abrasive.’ In fact, its design was inspired by a straight jacket, believe it or not.

Yet, it still manages to be a super-cool sneaker that oozes style and attitude.

13. Reebok Classic Leather

What began as the preferred sneaker of nurses (due to its comfort and flexibility on long shifts), the Reebok Classic Leather grew to become a classic hip-hop sneaker through many collaborations with hip-hop artists and better packaging.

These hip-hop sneakers manage to be refined yet cool at the same time.

14. Adidas Attitude

Knicks’ basketball coach Patrick Ewing is to thank for this coveted hi-top sneaker from Adidas, the Attitude.

The Adidas Attitude in white, orange and blue (the Knicks colors) took over New York in 1986 – thanks largely to the fact that Ewing wore them on the court.

These leather high-top sneakers are visually stunning and can round out any outfit.

15. Puma Clyde

The Puma Clyde brings us back to NBA star Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier, as these are his signature kicks – released in 1973.

Puma Clyde’s were staples of the old-school hip-hop scene of the 70s and 80s, but they still look as cool as ever today – a testament to their timeless appeal.

Closing Thoughts: The Top 15 Hip-Hop Sneakers of All Time

A hip-hop fan carrying a boom box and wearing high-end sneakers.

Those are our picks for the most iconic hip-hop sneakers of all time. From Nike Air Force 1s to Puma Suedes, sneakers have played a significant role in hip-hop and vice-versa.

Any of the adult shoes on this list will round out your outfit with style, enhancing your dancing out on the streets.

Also, don’t forget that your sneakers won’t look their best without premium, beefy shoelaces featuring top-tier materials.

LoopKing laces feature the finest leather, softest velvet, highest-end cotton, special wax coatings, and embossed gold aglet tips to prevent fraying so you can rest assured you’ll always have the best laces on your kicks.

Our laces fit all major brands so don’t wait to order a pair today.

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