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Dancing is a rigorous physical activity that demands perfection from your feet. That’s why you need high-quality dance shoes to properly support your feet and enhance your performance.

The type of dancing also matters when selecting a pair of dance sneakers, from hip hop to jazz to tap to ballet.

For instance, dancing that requires a lot of twirling, twisting, and pivoting requires shoes with ample ankle and arch support.

For more cardio-based dance styles, such as Zumba, you’ll want to opt for sneakers that have plenty of cushioning to protect the bones in your feet from all the high-impact stomps and jumps.

Bear in mind that not every sneaker is cut out for dancing, even if it’s high-end. Proper dance shoes require a firm grip, cushion support, and flexibility.

You also need shoes that are in top condition to see the best results. If your dance sneakers are worn-out, they won’t provide proper support and cushioning, which will negatively affect your performance.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best dance sneakers that will provide not only superior comfort and support but also ensure you look fly while putting on a show.

In a hurry?

Check out these few of the top dance sneakers of all-time – they’re some of the most legendary shoes that any dancer could ask for!

1. Nike Zoom X Vaporfly    

If you want to drastically improve your dance performance, the Nike Zoom X Vaporfly is the way to go. It’s a favorite amongst street dancers, and the sneaker was even banned from professional marathons due to the edge it gave competitors – which World Athletics felt was cheating.

That’s a true testament to the performance-enhancing powers of these high-tech shoes, so don’t hesitate to make them your secret weapon for an upcoming show.

2. New Balance Cross Trainers 

When it comes to support and ease of movement, you can’t beat New Balance Cross Trainers.

Stand-out features here include the ABZORB midsole, which does a fantastic job of absorbing high-velocity impacts, is great for dancers.

The midsole is also injected with IMEVA, which provides firm yet exceptionally flexible cushioning – providing a wide range of movement for dancers.

3. Puma Suede 

Sometimes you can’t beat the classics, even when busting out sweet dance moves. The Puma Suede not only looks fresh, but dancers love them for floor work.

In particular, they have a strong grip that’s ideal for pulling off complicated moves with ease.

The bonus?

The 100% suede upper provides a casual yet refined look that’ll upgrade your entire outfit.

4. Chuck Taylor All Stars 

Another classic, Chuck Taylor All Stars, boasts some serious benefits for dancers, especially if you do fast footwork. 

Why is that?

It has to do with its hard outfoot and lower base, which makes it easier to do faster footwork, top rock, flares, and waacking.

5. Reebok Classics 

Professional dancers love classic Reeboks for three reasons:

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility 
  • Grip 

Those are the top three factors a dance shoe should have, and Reebok Classics checks all the boxes. A big part of that is the die-cut EVA midsole and molded foam sock liner, which absorbs impact and provides responsive cushioning support.

Use LoopKing Laces to Make Dance Sneakers Look and Perform Better

Luxury Grey Leather Shoe Laces With Gold Tips
flat waxed blue shoe laces

Using a high-quality pair of dance sneakers is only half the equation – as you need high-end shoelaces to go with them.

Worn-out shoelaces not only look bad, but they don’t provide proper support for your feet, which will affect your dancing performance and can cause issues like foot pain and blistering.

The solution?

Opt for top-tier shoelaces, including fine leather, dense cotton, rich velvet, and special wax coatings. Our laces often outlast other brands by up to 3x, and they feature embossed gold tips that look great and prevent fraying, so don’t wait to try them out today.

6. Puma Basketball Sneakers 

For dances with intricate footwork, lightweight shoes are best – which is where Puma Basketball Sneakers shine.

They’re ultra-lightweight, and the hard outsole provides a tight grip on the floor.

High-top sneaks such as these are also great for protecting your ankles from injury while dancing.

7. ASICS Running Shoes 

The foamed heels of ASICS running shoes provide excellent support for dancers, and they also feature excellent shock absorption.

The mesh upper is specially engineered to improve airflow, so you won’t have to worry about your feet sweating too much, which is a plus for dancers.

Whether you’re performing an intricate hip-hop dance for a crowd or are attending a Zumba class, ASICS shoes will never let you down.

8. Lotto Sneakers 

While not as well-known as the other shoe brands on this list, Lotto sneakers are a favorite of dancers due to their excellent grip.

As such, Lotto sneaks are a great choice if you need to pull off some fast & fancy footwork.

Due to their ample cushion support, your feet will feel great while you dance, which can help improve your performance. So the next time you’re in need of some dance sneakers and aren’t sure what to buy, give Lotto sneakers a shot.

9. Nike Air Max 

Do you dance hip-hop?

If so, then you’re going to love Nike Air Max. That’s because they provide an extra bit of bounce due to their synthetic/rubber soles, which will make your hip-hop moves look even more stylish.

They’re also sharp-looking sneakers that will round out your outfit whether you’re on the dance floor or not.

10. Under Armour Running Shoes 

If your dance workouts involve a lot of jumping, Under Armour shoes are the way to go. They have an EVA sock liner and a charged cushioning midsole that absorbs impacts with ease. 

Besides their fantastic support, these dance sneakers are surprisingly lightweight, so you shouldn’t experience any loss in speed.

11. Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Pro Running Sneakers

Our final pick contains many flawless reviews online, most of which are from dancers. 

They simply have it all when it comes to dance sneakers – as they’re ultra-lightweight, form-fitting, and supportive. 

Dancing with these shoes will make you feel as if you’re dancing barefoot.

The Best Dance Sneakers Fall Short Without Upgraded Laces 

A top-tier pair of dance sneakers will do more than look nice; they’ll support your feet and enhance your performance.

From providing a tight floor grip to soft cushioning and flexibility, a lot of factors go into selecting a pair of dance sneakers.

Beyond the dance sneaker itself, you also need high-quality shoelaces to reinforce them, so don’t wait to check out our selection of luxury shoelaces today.

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