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When you are looking for some of the biggest fashion statements that are available currently, it’s important to consider shoes most of all. When we look back on some of the Top 5 Best Sneakers of All Time, the sneaker shoelaces often have their own unique look as well or can be changed out for premium shoelace designs. Items like gold tip shoelaces on some of the hottest brands like Nike, Gucci and Adidas can really make popular sneakers look their best. Here are some of the five best and most desirable sneakers of all time:


This list is in no particular order, it is just highlighting the all time best sneakers to make a mark on our culture. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are!

1. Nike Air Jordan 1

black leather nike air jordan 1 retro


The Nike Air Jordan 1 one is heralded as one of the most influential sneakers of all time and also one of the most sought after items in the industry. These are shoes that changed basketball and the sneaker industry forever and they can be very difficult to source. Adding the touch of golden tip shoelaces could make for an extra special pair of Air Jordan’s.

Best Luxury Leather Shoelaces for the Above Nike Air Jordans: Black Shoelaces with Gold Tips


2. The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

chuck taylor converse quilted leather shoes


Chuck Taylor All-Stars are released in hundreds of different editions today. At one time Chuck Taylor All-Stars were the only basketball shoe that was trusted by professional athletes. Today however they are American sneaker royalty and a product that is known for their fashion as much as their comfort.

Best Luxury Leather Shoelaces for the Above Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star: Black Shoelaces with Gold Tips


3. Adidas Stan Smith Edition

white leather adidas stan smith shoes


Adidas Stan Smiths are some of the best designs for 10 issues as well as some of the most fashionable white sneakers on the market today. The Stan Smith Adidas line has spawned hundreds of different sneaker designs over the years and they can look particularly well stylized with the right sneaker shoelaces.

Best Luxury Leather Shoelaces for the Above Adidas Stan Smith Edition: White Shoelaces with Gold Tips


4. Vans Authentic

vans authentic shoes in blue and white


The Vans Authentic is replicated as one of the best shoes for skaters and loungers. They look great for the beach and they are perfect for a number of different activities. With so many different color combinations, these are a beautiful option as versatile sneakers.

Best Luxury Leather Shoelaces for the Above Vans Authentic: White Shoelaces with Gold Tips


5. Gucci Classic Tennis Shoes

guccis tennis shoes with gucci classic stripes


Gucci were amongst the first to produce designer sneakers way back in year 1984. With Italian white leather and red and gold stripes, the look of this beautiful sneaker has been re-created by many top designers today. Gucci designs on sneakers tend to be quite flashy and often made with luxury materials.

Best Luxury Leather Shoelaces for the Above Gucci Tennis Shoes: White Shoelaces with Gold Tips


If you are interested in finding some of the best sneakers that are available on the market today to get you noticed with their iconic looks, these are amongst the best sneakers of all time.

Thanks for reading our article on the Top 5 Best Sneakers of All TIme. Leave a comment below of your pick of the Top 5 Best Sneakers.

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