A red shoe with white laces.

Don’t want to tie shoe laces anymore?

Did you know that you could spend 2 weeks of your life just tying your shoes? There’s no doubt that shoes are an essential part of our everyday lives.

They have even become a major fashion staple. Brands like Yeezy and Nike have taken the market by storm.

But what if you could still look stylish while saving the time and the hassle of frequent shoe tying? Luckily, there are many types of shoelaces and shoelace alternatives for you to choose from so you can be functional and fashionable.

Interested in finding out about some dope shoelace alternatives to up your shoe game? Then keep reading this guide to get the low down.

1. Lock Laces

Lock laces are a form of no-tie shoelaces made from a metal locking clasp. This creates a shoe with the laces locked securely in place. This also allows for a more custom fit that creates a comfortable wearing shoe all day.

Lock laces can be used with regular or alternative shoelace types. For athletic shoes, Lock laces are ideal shoelace alternatives for those who don’t want the worry of tripping on laces in the midst of a competition. 

For sporting events like running, hiking, and playing basketball, lock laces hold the laces tightly and prevent them from coming loose. They are also great for putting on boots to reinforce them in cold climates where trying to tie regular shoe laces can be problematic when wearing gloves or having cold fingers makes it more difficult to re-tie them.

And they’re also great for everyday wearing when you just don’t want to tie your laces.

2. Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

A sample of Elastic No Tie Shoelaces in a black and blue running shoes.

There are types of shoelace alternatives that implement different forms of elastic as a way to adapt their use. Using the elastic string itself as an alternative to shoelaces is the most basic of the uses. 

Instead of normal shoe laces, just weave the thin elastic through the eyelet regions on your own shoes. They’re flat lengths of elastic that resemble normal laces, but they have a stretchy characteristic to them. Elastic shoelaces also tie laces just like regular shoelaces. 

They keep your shoes from becoming overly tight in certain areas during the day because they are simple and easy to adjust for comfort. Elastic laces make it possible to remove and put on your shoes with ease since the elastic stretches to accommodate the foot to slip in and out without issue. 

Elastic shoelaces make a terrific shoelace alternative for children, seniors, and those with disabilities to have a casual comfortable shoe.

3. No-Tie Shoelaces

A white no-tie shoelaces.

No-tie shoelace alternatives also use elastic but they do not lace all the way through the shoe’s eyelets as a regular shoelace does. No-tie shoelaces feature several stretchy pre-cut lengths of elastic material. The ends of both sides have t-shaped metal or sturdy plastic pieces attached.

To use no-tie shoelaces, the t-shaped ends are inserted through the eyelet holes going across. The no-tie shoelaces may also be placed in diagonally for extra style. The t-shaped ends help to hold the elastic in place. 

When putting on the shoes, the no-tie shoelaces allow the shoe to become a form of a slip-on. There’s less pressure across the top of the foot so they are easier to adjust for fit and comfort. No-tie shoelaces allow for multiple colors and styles of laces to be used together to mix up looks.

4. Bungee Cord Shoelaces

These shoelaces also make terrific shoelace alternatives and offer the ability to turn a regular sneaker or tennis shoe into a slip-on style. Just like a regular bungee cord, they hold in place within the shoe while providing adaptability for wear.

The flexible, round, thin, bungee cord material can lace through the shoe’s eyelets just like a shoelace. But when these bungee cords are pulled on, they can tighten or loosen the shoe’s fit. The bungees allow for the wearer to adjust the fit as needed throughout the day if the foot starts to swell or hurt.

This also means that the shoe can slip on much easier than a shoe with regular laces since there’s no need to untie and re-tie the laces each time they need to be put on or taken off. 

Bungee cord shoelace alternatives are beneficial for easy wear.

5. Slip Ons

Of course, another way to avoid the shoelace tying conundrum altogether is just to forgo wearing shoes that involve laces in the first place. Slip-on shoes are great shoelace alternatives for those who want a quick and easy way to put on and take off their shoes. 

For small children, seniors, and other individuals who may have physical motor or mental difficulties using regular shoelaces, slip-on shoes offer convenience and practicality. They are multi-purpose and useful shoes that offer great benefits.

Slip-on shoes are also lightweight and breathable so they are preferred for all-day use. They keep your feet more comfortable throughout the day. 

Slip-on shoes come in a wide variety of colors and styles for awesome and versatile looks.

Brands like Vans are best known for their slip-on skate shoes that are made from durable canvas fabric (kinda like ripstop fabric). One of the benefits of canvas slip-on shoes is that they are also easy to wash and air-dry to keep them looking good. 

Canvas slip-on shoes are also great for adding custom designs with permanent markers.

Why the Best Shoelace Alternative Can Actually Be Regular Shoelaces

 A pair of boots stepping on a wet road.

Shoelaces have adapted and changed a lot since their creation in 3,000 to 4,000 BC. For those who still prefer the look, feel, and functionality of traditional laces over shoelace alternatives, fear not. You still have many options available.

Shopping for shoelaces can be difficult with all of the different lengths and material types available. But Loop King Laces can help you find the best shoelaces for whatever brand of shoe you’re looking for. 

Trust the King for your laces.

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