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Other than the quality and the color of your laces, your next priority when buying shoelaces should be finding the right length for your shoes. If the laces have an overhang that is too long, it will drag on the ground, shortening the laces’ lives. Too short, and you can’t tie the laces.

At Loop King Laces, we have a shoelace chart that should help you find the right laces based on the type of sneakers and the number of eyelets. If you already have a long pair of laces that you would like to shorten, here is a quick guide on how to do it.

1) What You Will Need

  • A pair of scissors
  • Super (Krazy) glue
  • Heat shrink tubing (color of your choice)
  • Source of heat (lighter or hot air gun)

Most stores carry heat shrink tubing in black only. You might have to run through a few stores or purchase online if you want your shoelace aglets to have a different color.

It’s also important to note that heat shrink tubing comes in various diameters. In this case, you want the 4mm diameter. It works best for this purpose.

Step 2: Measure the right length of the laces

Once you have your shoelace shortening materials ready, find your shoes and put them on. With the shoes on, tie them once then remove the shoe without untying the laces. If you do this correctly, you should have the extra laces hanging on the sides of the shoe.

This is a simpler and more accurate method compared to measuring and cutting the laces. However, if you prefer to measure or have a size chart for your shoelaces’ ideal length, you can measure and mark the perfect length on the laces.

Step 3: Measure and cut the tubing

Cut a piece of tubing approximately 20mm long. The ideal length of tubing should be enough to slide over the current aglet and cover it completely.

Once you have the right length of heat shrink tubing, slide it to the mark you made on your shoelaces.

Once the tube is in place, use the heat source (hot air gun or lighter) to shrink it. If you’re going to use an open flame, ensure the flame is far from the tube to avoid melting it.

Step 4: Cut off the excess

With the tube firmly in place, use the scissors to cut off the excess shoelace. A quick tip to keep in mind at this point is to ensure when cutting the lace, it includes a small bit of the tubing. This ensures the new aglet has a nice flush end, and the lace does not fray over time.

Step 5: Glue into position

A small drop of super glue at either end of the new aglet will keep the aglets from slipping out of place over time. Once the glue wicks into the lace and it dries, your lace is ready. You can repeat the same process with the other lace.

Miles Anthony Smith

Miles is a loving father of 3 adults, devoted husband of 24+ years, co-chief sneakerhead (along with his wife Carolyn) at Loop King Laces, author, entrepreneur, investor, & owner of several businesses (AmaLinks Pro, Why Stuff Sucks, & Kompelling Kars). Miles has been featured in New York Magazine, Escapist Magazine, FashionSpot, Menswear Style, & Men Style Fashion. Loop King is trusted by sneakerheads JumperMan Kris, jumpmanbostic, ajinchicago, among others.


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