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Lacing Up Your Footwear Game

Imagine this: Your brand-new pair of Old Skool Vans in hand, the smell of fresh canvas and rubber soles filling the air. These aren’t just sneakers; they’re a narrative of where you’ve been and where you’re headed. And the laces? They’re more than strings—they’re storytellers. So, how will you tell your tale?

Whether you’re lounging at a café or carving up city streets on a skateboard, the way you do your lace up sets the stage. It’s a snippet of your life’s theme, your personal brand. And in this craft of crisscrosses and straight lines, Loop King Laces is like that favorite pen you reach for, the one that never blots or smudges—the perfect tool to script your story.

Now, let’s get down to the real business—turning those Vans into a testament to your taste. We’ll walk through eight lacing styles, each with its vibe, each ready to say something new about you. And with a touch of Loop King Laces luxury, get ready to walk a mile with flair.

#1 The Straightforward Stride

The classic straight-lace is honesty at its finest. It’s straightforward, no-nonsense, and it tells the world you’re all about keeping things tidy and efficient. Lace them straight across, parallel and perfect, and step into the day with a clear head and a clean look.

#2 The Reliable Over-and-Under

Here’s to the everyday hustle. The over-and-under lacing is for those who find rhythm in routine, reliability in repetition. This method keeps things snug and secure, so you’re prepared for whatever twists and turns come your way. This is one of the easiest and simplest knots to use on your Vans shoes.

#3 The Sleek Bar Lace Elegance

Bar lacing is sleek and chic, speaking to a soul that loves order with a splash of flair. It’s the right lace choice for those moments when you want to step up your game without shouting it from the rooftops—a subtle nod to your eye for detail.

Loop King Laces: Weaving Excellence into Every Step

Enter Loop King Laces—think of them as the high-end belt to your favorite pair of jeans. In the realm of bar lacing, they’re that unexpected upgrade that takes your Vans from “nice kicks” to “whoa, where’d you get those?”

#4 The Intricate Ladder

If life’s a climb, the ladder lace is your style. It’s intricate, compelling, and suggests you’re not just here to play the game—you’re here to change it. This method is a testament to those who see life as a series of levels, each one ready for the taking.

#5 The Zippy Zipper Lace

Life’s too short for the ordinary, and Vans laces done up in the zipper lacing technique are the epitome of standing out. They’re edgy, bold, and scoff at the mundane. When you lace up your Vans this way, you’re announcing to the world that you’re not just here to ride the waves — you’re here to create them.

#6 The Timeless Criss-Cross

The criss-cross lacing is old school—literally. It’s the original, the blueprint, the ‘if it ain’t broke’ of lacing methods. But with Loop King Laces, even the timeless can have a touch of modern luxe.

Elevate Your Style with Loop King Laces

These aren’t just laces; they’re the exclamation point at the end of your fashion statement. With Loop King Laces, even a classic criss-cross becomes a signature move.

flat waxed light brown shoe laces
flat waxed tan shoe laces
flat waxed black shoe laces

#7 The Artistic Woven Wonder

For the artist walking among us, the woven wonder lacing isn’t just about keeping shoes on feet—it’s about turning them into masterpieces. It’s complex, sure, but so is life—and you’re the type to face it head-on.

#8 The Laid-Back Loop

Sometimes, less is more. The single-loop is casual, carefree, and says you’re not trying to impress anyone—you just naturally do. It’s the lacing style for those who take life as it comes and look good doing it.

The Loop King Signature

In the end, it’s all about the finishing touch. Loop King Laces offers that high-quality final flourish, the punctuation to your sartorial sentence. So go ahead, lace up those Vans with Loop King luxury, and walk your journey with style that’s all your own.

Miles Anthony Smith

Miles is a loving father of 3 adults, devoted husband of 24+ years, co-chief sneakerhead (along with his wife Carolyn) at Loop King Laces, author, entrepreneur, investor, & owner of several businesses (AmaLinks Pro, Why Stuff Sucks, & Kompelling Kars). Miles has been featured in New York Magazine, Escapist Magazine, FashionSpot, Menswear Style, & Men Style Fashion. Loop King is trusted by sneakerheads JumperMan Kris, jumpmanbostic, ajinchicago, among others.


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