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The Adidas Rivalry Low “414 Day” is not just a sneaker; it’s a celebration of Milwaukee, crafted by the city’s own Eric “Shake” James in collaboration with Adidas. This special edition sneaker pays homage to Milwaukee’s culture, history, and the community spirit that binds it.

Origins and Significance

The “414 Day” sneaker, named after Milwaukee’s area code, is released in honor of the city’s annual 414 Day, which celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Milwaukee. Eric “Shake” James, a Milwaukee native and a significant figure in the community, has infused this collaboration with local symbolism and his personal history. The partnership between James and Adidas also focuses on community engagement and youth empowerment through various initiatives like the J.A.Y. Academy, which offers workshops and scholarships to the local youth​.

Design and Features

Image Credit: Adidas

The sneaker features a cream base color dubbed “Cream City Brick,” a nod to Milwaukee’s distinctive cream-colored bricks, with green and red accents that mirror the colors of the Milwaukee Bucks. The design also incorporates elements like a brick pattern on the tongue and unique cheese and beer graphics, celebrating Wisconsin’s famous dairy and brewing industries. These sneakers come with a microphone keychain, reflecting Shake’s roots in hip-hop culture. The first 414 pairs of this limited edition are individually numbered, adding an element of exclusivity and collectibility​.

Community Impact and Events

Beyond the design, the release of the “414 Day” Rivalry Low is part of a broader initiative to give back to the Milwaukee community. Adidas and Shake have planned events around the release, including free footwear design workshops for local students and a celebration event featuring performances by notable artists. These initiatives highlight the collaboration’s commitment to fostering creativity and offering developmental opportunities to the youth of Milwaukee​.

Release Details

Image Credit: Adidas

The Adidas Rivalry Low “414 Day” will be available for purchase on April 13, 2024, at a retail price of $130. It will be sold at CLICKS store and on the website, making it accessible both in-store and online​.

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