Jordan 7 Lace Sizing

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Jordan 7 hare

About the Jordan 7 Laces

The Nike Air Jordan 7 comes in 2 variations. The Jordan 7 “High” and “Low”, both styles require a different size of shoelace. See below for the shoelace sizes for these Jordan 7 sneakers.

The size of the Air Jordan 7 Shoelace depends on how you want to lace them! Do you want them “Tied at the Top“? Or do you want them to “Hang“? We’ve labelled the size needed for these 2 styles below! (Please note, a higher shoelace size can perform both styles of tying the shoelace if needed!).



Jordan 7 “High” Shoelace Size

59″ (150cm) To Tie Them & Hang Them

Jordan 7 “Low” Shoelace Size

45″ (114cm) To Tie Them & Hang Them

See below for the type of shoelaces which are required for the Nike Air Jordan 7.




Nike Air Jordan 7

Lace Type Needed

Flat Leather Shoelaces

Or Flat Waxed Shoelaces

Here’s Some Jordan 7 Laces

Popular Air Jordan 7 Colorways

Air Jordan 7 marvin the martian

Nike Air Jordan 7 “Marvin”

Released: March 7th 2015

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Air Jordan 7 ray allen

Nike Air Jordan 7 “Ray Allen”

Released: June 1st 2019

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Nike Air Jordan 7 “Cardinal”

Released: January 11th 1992

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Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux

Nike Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux”

Released: July 18th 2015

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Where to Buy Nike Air Jordan 7 Shoelaces

You can buy all Nike Air Jordan 7 Laces from our website right now! Our laces were made to fit all sneakers out there, including the Nike Air Jordan series considering the range is one of the top selling sneaker ranges in history.

The Nike Air Jordan VII is often considered a tribute to African culture. For the design of this sneaker, Tinker Hartfield got inspiration from a painting of an African poster with a man that was playing a guitar shaped like Africa.

The designer went back to purchase the painting for a paltry $15 and using his ingenuity was able to create a sneaker that was in-line with Jordan’s wishes of having a young, interesting yet sophisticated-looking sneaker as the next in his line of highly successful sneaker line.

The lines in the Jordan 7 are inspired by West African tribal patterns that were on the poster. The Jordan 7 was also the sneaker that Michael Jordan wore to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics which was yet another crucial milestone.

Nike made a special colorway for the Olympics with 9 on the back. Nike then released five colorways for the Jordan 7 with an addition two more models coming out in 2002. The Jordan 7 Olympics colorways made a resurgence in 2004 for another successful run and in 2006, four more models including one for women were released and like other Jordan sneakers, they flew off the shelves.