Jordan 4 Lace Sizing

All shoelace size details are below, for any further help; please contact us.

Jordan 4 blue levis
jordan 4 black yellow
Jordan 4 all white with silver

About the Jordan 4 Laces

The Nike Air Jordan 4 comes in 1 main variation,. The Jordan 4 “Retro”, See below for the shoelace size for this Jordan 4 Retro sneaker.

The size of the Air Jordan 4 Shoelace depends on how you want to lace them! Do you want them “Tied at the Top“? Or do you want them to “Hang“? We’ve labelled the size needed for these 2 styles below! (Please note, a higher shoelace size can perform both styles of tying the shoelace if needed!)



Jordan 4 Shoelace Size

59″ (150cm) To Tie Them 

54″ (140cm) To Hang Them

Air Jordan 4 Shoelaces Type

See below for the type of shoelaces which are required for the Nike Air Jordan 4.




Nike Air Jordan 4

Lace Type Needed

Flat Leather Shoelaces

Or Flat Waxed Shoelaces

Here’s Some Perfect Jordan 4 Laces

Popular Air Jordan 4 Colorways

nike air jordan 4 levis white

Nike Air Jordan 4 “Levis White”

Released: June 30th 2018

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nike air jordan 4 motorsport colorway

Nike Air Jordan 4 “Motorsport”

Released: March 26th 2017

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nike air jordan 4 OG white cement

Nike Air Jordan 4 “W Cement”

Released: February 13th 2016

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nike air jordan 4 bred

Nike Air Jordan 4 “Bred”

Released: TBA 2019

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Where to Buy Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoelaces

You can buy all Nike Air Jordan 4 Laces from our website right now! Our laces were made to fit all sneakers out there, including the Nike Air Jordan series considering the range is one of the top selling sneaker ranges in history.

The Jordan 3s were a huge success. No one was sure Tinker Hartfield and Nike’s brass could top or come close to the success of the Jordan III. All the doubts were put to sleep the moment the new Jordan 4 was released. Nike Air Jordan 4 simply took over from where the Jordan 3 had left off.

It introduced the Jordan sneakers as the coolest and must-have for any sneaker lover in the world. The Jordan 4s were released in 1989 in four colorways. Like the Jordan 3s, the Jordan 4 had a midcut height and a visible heel air unit.

However, the new sneaker was more streamlined, and lighter in weight with a unique lacing support system. The shoe also featured air-support in the fore foot, and a large heel pull tab for easy access.

The Jordan 4 returned as a retro for the first time in 1999 in its most popular colorway. In 2000 an updated version of the Jordan 4s was also released. In 2004 and 2005, new colorways were released with the following year experiencing the re-release of the retros.

There’s no doubting that the Jordan 4s featured the best creativity money can buy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give the sneakers a touch of your own creativity. All you need is a pair of our Loop King Laces and you should be good to go!