Top 5 Best Sneakers of All Time

OUR TOP 5 BEST SNEAKERS OF ALL TIME When you are looking for some of the biggest fashion statements that are available currently, it’s important to consider shoes most of all. When we look back on some of the Top 5 Best Sneakers of All Time, the sneaker shoelaces often have their own unique look […]

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Gold Tip Shoelaces vs Normal Shoelaces

Gold Tip Shoelaces Gold Tip Shoelaces are in. What compels many people to purchase them compared to their normal cotton counterparts? View our TOP 5 REASONS Below: 1. Shoelace Durability The most important reason to buy Gold Tip Shoelaces is to prevent fraying and becoming tattered. Normal cotton shoelaces have a terrible quality plastic aglet which […]