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VANS Shoe Laces - Fantastic for Your Sneakers

From humble beginnings, Vans has grown to become a multi-billion company. These simple yet stylish shoes are incredibly customizable, giving you an excellent opportunity to make the shoes your own.

At Loop King Laces, we can help you customize and upgrade your Vans' look using our collection of Vans shoelaces.Whether you have the classics, old school Vans, authentic, or SK8-Hi, we have the right laces with the right length to improve the look of your Vans.

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With our extensive collection of colors, you can change the look of your Vans as often as you please.

Buy Flat, Rope, Waxed and Leather Vans Laces

We have various types of laces for all Vans shoes. Depending on your sense of fashion and preference, we have four types of laces, and each one is an excellent fit for your Vans pair.

Flat Laces – Flat laces are the most common with Vans. They come in various bold colors you can pair with your vans. The flat laces are commonly used by skaters who want shoes that will stay tied as they have fun skating.

Rope Laces – Our rope laces are a blend of functionality, style, and fun. The laces are triple-braided for added strength. Our rope laces can last up to three times longer than the others. What's more, the laces come in plain, spotted, and striped finishes.

Leather Laces – You can give your Vans a luxurious touch with our line of leather laces. Our range of leather laces is perfect for die-hard Vans fans who like strolling around in the brand. The aesthetic appeal and longevity of our luxurious leather laces make the ideal accessory to enhance the look of your favorite pair of shoes.

Flat waxed laces – Waxed laces are fun and easy to maintain. If you find it tedious to keep your laces clean, our waxed laces are your solution. We use premium wax to layer our flat laces, making them waterproof and easy to clean.

Premium Vans Shoelaces

We pride ourselves in providing shoe lovers with quality laces that reflect our morals. When it comes to laces, we don’t cut corners. We source for the best quality cotton for our flat and rope laces. For our luxurious leather laces, we use premium cowhide leather.

All our Vans shoelaces have metal aglets. Metal aglets are harder to remove and last longer compared to their plastic and glue counterparts. We also prefer metal aglets because they stand out and add an exciting twist to your shoes.