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Puma Fat Laces - Top of the Line

Puma has a history in the sports apparel industry spanning over 70 years. Puma’s wide collection of shoes features football, training, running and golf shoes all designed for the fastest athletes on the planet. The brand has some cool casual footwear as well perfect for stepping out over the weekend and showing off.

With our wide range of shoelaces for Puma, you can upgrade the look of your favorite Pumas, make them look fresh and stand out!

Struggling for size? Check out our Shoelace Size Chart

Our laces come in different lengths and sizes to match the requirements of the various sizes and designs for different Pumas. We offer a wide range of color options for sneaker lovers. Our extensive color collection allows you to try out different looks on your sneakers and find what works best for you.

Our shoelaces come in plain, striped and spotted finishes to provide you with different patterns that will bring out the best out of your Puma sneakers.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed, or Leather Puma Laces

Puma sneakers are diverse and can work with different types of shoelaces depending on the application of the shoes.

Flat Laces – If you have Puma trainers or sneakers, you can try out our range of flat Puma laces. The laces come in different widths, lengths and colors to make it easy to find your preferred laces.

Rope Laces – Our collection of rope laces offers excellent looks and superior strength. They are perfect for sporting and outdoor activities like hiking. The laces are triple-braided for longevity. You can find our rope laces in different finishes including plain, spotted and striped to suit the color of your Pumas.

Waxed Laces – We are always looking for new ways to impress sneaker lovers and improve their shoe game. Our waxed laces are a result of these efforts. The laces have a layer of premium wax that makes them waterproof and easy to clean. Our waxed laces come in the same color profile as other laces ensuring you always have a variety to choose from.

Leather Laces – Puma sneakers make the perfect casual wear sneakers. With our line of luxury leather laces, you can make your sneakers pop and grab attention. Our leather laces come in bold, plain colors with gold metal tips that add a touch of contrast and accent to the look of your sneakers.

Premium Puma Shoelaces

At Loop King Laces, we go further than providing you with shoelaces that bring out the best in your shoes. Our goal is to provide sneaker lovers with shoelaces that last and don’t settle, so you can enjoy the fresh look of your shoes longer.

To achieve this, we use the best quality materials in the industry like cotton and premium cowhide leather to ensure our laces not only look the part but they are of high quality and represent the values and morals that we stand for a brand.

In addition to quality materials, all our laces come with iconic gold-tip metal aglets imprinted with our symbol of the royal crown and our brand name as a mark of quality and to add a regal touch to the look of your shoes.
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