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This Wollaston-based shoe brand is popular for its range of comfortable boots and shoes. Initially, it was popular among the blue-collar working class for the hardy yet comfortable boots. Today, it’s the symbol of rebellious fashion and social revolution. It is deeply embedded in British Culture and the world.

Dr Martens shoes range includes school shoes, workwear, street fashion, and even high fashion. At Loop King Laces, we have just the laces to spruce up the look of your Dr. Martens and enhance their unmistakable look. We understand Dr Martens come in low cut and boots varieties which is why our laces come in different lengths. You can visit our size chart for a recommendation on the perfect length of laces for your Dr Martens.

Struggling for size? Check out our Shoelace Size Chart

For all its diversity in the type and color of shoes, Dr Martens seems to have only glaring downside. Most of its shoelaces are black robbing the shoes of some color and pop. With a broad collection of colored shoelaces, you can correct this and enhance the look of your shoes.

Our laces come in a variety of different colors and patterns which include plain, striped and spotted colors. With our diversity, it’s easy to get the right look for your shoes.

Buy Flat, Waxed, Rope or Leather Dr Martens Laces

Other than color, you can also try out different types of laces on your shoes to see what gives you the perfect look.

Flat Laces – Most Dr Martens shoes come with rope laces. You can take a break from the factory look and try out flat laces for a change. Our flat laces come in various lengths and sizes to fit any type of Dr Martens shoes you have. br>
Rope Laces – If you can’t over the original look of Dr Martens shoes and you simply want replacement shoelaces, we have a variety of rope laces for you. Our rope laces are triple-braided to keep up with the challenges of any outdoor work you might be involved in. Our rope laces come in various colors and patterns. They are the perfect accessory to spice up the look of your shoes without straying from the classic look of Dr Martens.

Waxed Laces – For shoe lovers that hate dealing with dirty laces, we have waxed laces. Our waxed laces are made from cotton and layered with premium wax to make them waterproof and better repel dirt. In case your shoelaces get dirty, a quick wipe makes them clean again.

Leather Laces – Our luxury leather laces bring color, class and a fashion sense to your shoes. If your Dr Martens are street or high fashion, our leather laces will take the look of your shoes to the next level.

Premium Dr Martens Shoelaces

Our passion for shoelaces doesn’t stop with offering variety. We believe in providing the best quality shoelaces for all shoe and sneaker lovers. Our collection of rope and flat laces is made from top-quality cotton while the leather laces are made from premium-grade cowhide leather. This ensures our laces last and don’t settle so you can enjoy the stunning look longer.