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Cole Haan Shoe Laces - Luxurious Treatment for Your Shoes

Cole Haans shoes are the ideal pair if you want a shoe that you can beat into the ground without giving up your sense of style. In addition to the impressive quality, Cole Haan shoes are quite comfortable and the brand does a great job providing its loyal customers with variety. Recently, Cole Haan introduced a sneaker – the GrandPro Stitchlite running sneaker opening up its doors to sportsmen and fitness buffs.

You can give your Cole Haans a makeover with our excellent collection of Cole Haan shoelaces. Our diverse range features different lengths of laces to go on different types of Cole Haan shoes including the ZeroGrand boots.

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Cole Haans can work with a variety of shoelace colors depending on the color of the shoe. With our full range of colors, finding the right color of shoelaces to pair with your Cole Haans is easy.

Our laces come in different finishes and blends. We have plain options with solid colours for that clean and formal look and we also have striped and spotted options if you’re going for a fashionable street look.

Buy Leather, Rope, Flat, or Waxed Cole Haan Shoelaces

A vast majority of Cole Haan shoes come with rope laces. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try other types of laces to enhance the look of your shoes.

Flat Laces – Flat laces are a great alternative when you’re upgrading the look of your shoes but don’t want the change to be too bold. Our collection of flat laces comes in different sizes and lengths for varying types of Cole Haan shoes.

Rope Laces – You can stay true to the design and appearance of your Cole Haan shoes with our range of rope laces. If you would like to spice up the look of your shoes slightly, you can choose rope laces of different colors to go with your Cole Haans. Our rope laces also come in plain, spotted and striped options that you can consider.

Leather Laces – When style and looks are at the top of your priority list, our leather laces are perfect. The laces have an excellent look that brings out the best in every shoe. The gold-tip accents on the laces bring elegance and class to your shoes.

Waxed Laces – Our waxed laces will not only upgrade the look of your shoes. The laces will save you the trouble of constantly washing your laces. Our waxed laces are waterproof and when they get dirty, a quick wipe restores their clean look and shine.

Premium Cole Haan Shoelaces

We deal in premium quality shoelaces made from the best quality materials in the industry. When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise or cut corners. We source for the best quality cotton for our rope and flat laces and the best cowhide leather for our leather laces.

We ensure our laces are made using the best practices that reflect on our values and morals as a brand. We also insert metal aglets imprinted with our royal crown symbol and brand name for durability and to add a regal touch to your shoes.
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