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Balenciaga Laces - High-Class & Trendy Laces

Balenciaga is the brand of the day. It is trendy, and almost everyone, including celebrities, are now wearing them. If you own a pair of Balenciagas and are wondering how you can do one better and stand out from the crowd, we have just the solution.

Our massive collection of laces is all you need to customize the look of your Balenciagas. Our laces are made from high-quality materials, so they don't degrade the look of your shoes and come in different colors giving you the freedom to try out different looks.

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A little bit of color can make your Balenciagas pop and stand out. Luckily we have plenty of colors and different shades for you to select. Whether you’re going with bold and vibrant colors or going for a blended or contemporary look, our laces are your ticket to transforming the look of your Balenciagas and make them the talk of the town.

Buy Rope, Flat, Leather or Waxed Balenciaga Laces

Balenciaga's work with all types of laces. As long as you pick the right length and color of laces, the laces will fit right in.

Rope Laces – Our rope laces blend in nicely with Balenciagas. They come in different colors and patterns, and you can find them in various lengths depending on the type of Balenciagas you have. In addition to the excellent look of the laces, they are also extra strong. We triple-braid them to last up to three times longer to help you keep showing off the stunning looks for longer.

Flat Laces – When you want a laid back but still noticeable look, our cross-stitched laces are perfect. You can find the laces in different solid laces and patterns and just like the rope laces, these are also built to last. They are made from premium materials, so the laces don't settle allowing your shoes to keep the outstanding look for a long time.

Waxed Laces – If you love bright colors, then you understand how often you have to change the laces because of stains and dirt. Our line of waxed laces is the solution to that. You can buy our waxed laces in any color you like. The wax makes the laces waterproof and also makes it hard for dirt, grime or stains to stick to the laces. When they get dirty, a quick wipe will restore their shine.

Leather Laces – Fashion is all about looking different and standing out. Our luxury leather laces are just what you need to turn heads. Our leather laces are available in different colors and shades to match different colors of shoes.

Premium Balenciaga Shoe Laces

Loop King Laces is about quality and style, and that is what your Balenciagas deserve. We offer not only variety but also quality.

Our laces are made from quality materials like cotton for our rope and flat laces and leather for our leather laces.

To complete the look and quality of the laces, we use metal aglets imprinted with our royal crown and brand name on the ends to give the laces that royal feel.
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