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Asics Shoe Laces - Customize Your Footwear

Asics is one of the few brands that have remained true to the athletic calling. The brand has features for everything from track to trail racing and even some few sandals and slides for your feet to breathe when you’re taking a break.

Going by the looks of their shoes, Asics does an excellent design job. But there’s plenty of room for improvement and innovation. That’s where our laces come in.

Struggling for size? Check out our Shoelace Size Chart

We have a broad range of Asics shoelaces of varying colors and lengths to fit the different sneakers and shoes. With our vast collection, finding the perfect laces to upgrade the look of your sneakers is not hard.

In case you have any challenges with finding the right lace length for your sneakers, you can consult our size chart for assistance.

Color is one of the best ways of improving the look of your Asics sneakers. Our laces are available in various colors and shades and come in different finishes. You can try out the bold and vibrant colors or go for the subtle and laid back options. We also have neutrals like white, black and grey which pair well with most sneaker colors.

Buy Flat, Rope, Waxed, or Leather Asics Laces

Asics sneakers come with different types of laces depending on the function of the shoe. If you’re replacing the laces, it’s important you replace it with a similar option, particularly if you’re a runner.

Flat Laces – For tracking running and strolling, flat laces are the best. They are easy to manage and don’t get untied easily.

Rope Laces – Trail running requires a blend of strong laces that are easy to manage. Our rope laces are triple-braided for strength and are high friction to prevent untying while you’re running.

Waxed laces – If you’re tired of having to scrub your laces after running the trail, our waxed laces could be the solution. The wax makes the laces waterproof and easy to clean in case you get dirt on them.

Leather Laces – Our line of luxury leather laces is perfect when you want to give your Asics sneakers the ultimate look. With a variety of bold, bright and dull colors available, you can get as innovative as you want with the look of your sneakers.

Premium Asics Shoelaces

We don’t compromise on the quality of our shoelaces. All our varieties are premium Asics shoelaces made from the best materials and using the best practices.

We use quality materials like cotton for our flat and rope laces and cowhide leather for our premium luxury leather laces. For our waxed laces, we use premium wax to provide the best protection to the laces and longevity.

Unlike other laces that use plastic and glue aglets, we settle for metal aglets. They are stronger, don’t come off easily and do an excellent job of preventing fraying of the laces.

A final touch on our laces is imprinting a royal crown and our brand name on the ends of the metal aglets to give them a unique and royal feel.
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