52 Inch Shoelaces

If you have a pair of Adidas Superstars, Adidas Yeezy Boost 750s, Adidas Stan Smiths, or the Air Jordan III (untied) and you're searching for a replacement pair of shoelaces or an upgrade, our range of 52-inch laces is the right fit.

Our 52 inch long laces not only make the perfect replacement laces but are ideal if you want to upgrade the look of your sneakers by going for different colors and types of shoe laces.

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Choose from a Wide Variety of Colors

Finding the right length of laces is just the beginning of finding great shoelaces. You also need to find the right color and width. With our variety of colors and patterns, you will easily find a color that compliments your sneakers and the look you have in mind.

Our laces also come in different widths to suit different types of sneakers. You can find 52-inch laces in the standard width, which works for sneakers of all brands, or you can push your limits and go for our fat laces, which will look excellent on the Adidas Stan Smiths and other similar shoes.

All Types of Laces Under One Roof

We stock 52-inch laces in different types suited for different kinds of shoes and various occasions. Our types of laces include:

Flat Laces – Flat Laces are our most popular type of lace. They work for almost any kind of shoe and are cross-stitched for added strength. You can find the flat laces in various solid colors and patterns.

Waxed Laces – Our waxed laces are designed to give sneakerheads less to worry about and more time to enjoy their looks. The laces feature flat laces coated with premium wax to repel dirt and make the laces easy to clean.

Rope Laces – If you like to take your sneakers or boots out for a run or hike, you need to check out our rope laces. They are a blend of elegance and strength that will keep your shoe looking excellent outdoors and your foot firmly in place.

Leather Laces – For sneaker lovers that pull all the stops to look their best and are often the envy of their friends, leather laces are the best. These luxury laces come in bold, solid colors with gold metal tips that give them a vibrant and attractive look.

Buy Your 52 Inch Laces from Loop King Laces

Quality Guarantee – We take the time to design our laces and find the best materials for them. Our flat and rope laces are made from the best cotton while our leather laces are made from premium cowhide leather, ensuring they maintain the dashing looks for a long time.

Variety – It’s not just about quality. It’s also about variety and giving you the power to determine how you want to look. With our expansive range, it’s easy to find the laces that will complete your look.

Free 30-Day Return Policy – We are so confident that you will love your new laces that we offer you a 30-day return policy if you find the quality and look of the laces is not up to par.

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