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30 inch long laces are quite popular and ideal for shoes with 2 – 4 pairs of eyelets. A wide variety of formal shoes fall in this category, not to mention sneakers like the Puma Tsugi Shinsei and the ASICS Gel Lyte II (untied) to highlight a few.

Because of the few eyelets, it's vital to get the right length of laces for your shoes, and our collection of 30-inch shoelaces is just what you need. Our ideal customer is one who is looking for simple replacement laces or has an acute sense of style and looking for unique laces with a unique color and unrivaled quality.

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Choose from a Wide Variety of Colors

Our 30 inch long laces come in a multitude of different colors to suit different shoe colorways and preferences. You can make your pick from our collection of solid colored laces, and we also have varieties that come in various patterns and colors for shoe lovers looking for a more sophisticated look.

All Types of Laces Under One Roof

Flat Laces – Most of the sneakers in this category use flat laces like the Adidas NMDs. Flat laces are the jack of all trades of laces and offer a firm grip and an excellent appeal if you're looking for laces that will upgrade your sneakers.

Rope Laces – Rope laces are best suited for strenuous activities like hiking and physical exercise. With triple braiding technology, our rope laces offer strength and durability. We also offer rope laces in various exciting colors and color schemes to ensure you can add a touch of style to your shoes no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Waxed Laces – Waxed laces are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to clean, and the wax boosts the strength and longevity of the lace. If you're looking for a lace that doesn't need much maintenance, look into our collection of waxed shoelaces.

Leather Laces – Although leather laces are strong, it’s best to save them for their aesthetic appeal. The smooth and alluring finish and the gold metal tips make them the perfect pick when you’re looking to grab attention and become the envy of your friends.

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Guarantee Customer Satisfaction – Our goal is to offer the best experience possible by making high-quality laces that meet our customers' demands. Based on the tons of happy customer reviews we have received, it's safe to say we have done an excellent job keeping our customers happy.

Fast Shipping – We get your laces delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy with excellent handling and packaging that ensure you not only get the laces fast but in the best condition.

Return Policy – We don't take any chances. If for any reason you don't like our laces, or they don't live up to your expectation, ship them back to us and we will offer you a refund.

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