Gold Tip Shoelaces

Embossed Metal Aglets

Browse our range of Gold Tip Shoelaces available in 4 styles, Leather, Rope, Flat Waxed and Off-White. If you would like a bundle of Gold Tip Shoelaces with Embossed Aglets, then check out our Shoelace Starter Packs!

Loop King Laces strictly provide the Most Luxury Gold Tip Shoelaces with embossed aglets. Each gold tip is made from metal which has LOOP KING embossed with our Symbolic Crown. Our Gold Tip Shoelaces add a touch of style to your sneakers showing flare and style. Loop King only provide Gold Tip Shoelaces as a mark of quality on our Luxury Shoelaces. Choose a style below.

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Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces

Our Gold Tip Shoelaces come in a variety of different colors and styles. We have Rope Laces with Gold Tips, Leather Laces with Gold Tips and Flat Waxed Laces with Gold Tips. Loop King Laces only provide the most Premium Made shoelaces on the market, and our Gold Tips help to embrace our vision.

Each Metal Aglet is embossed with our brand, as well as our Symbolic Crown. We chose to only represent shoelaces with Gold Tips as this adds luxury and style to our range. Every sneaker owner wants that extra piece of swag, and we're here to provide that.

Gold Tip Shoelaces are the symbol of our brand. Loop King Laces provide multiple types of shoelaces from Flat Waxed, to Leather, and to Rope. With our Gold Tipped Aglets, we deliver an unprecedented lifespan to your shoelaces. Our laces last on average 3 times longer than the average shoelace.

Our Shoelace starter packs are one of the best ways that you can get four sets of unique Gold Tip Shoelaces whilst saving $10 off our retail price. Our Gold Tip Shoelaces are fire resistant and built to last.

Rather than traditional aglets that can commonly come apart after many years of use, we decided to use Gold Tip Aglets for improving the overall lifespan of our shoelaces. As Gold is a symbol of luxury, we also wanted to have something that described the overall quality and feel of our shoelace design.

Through improvements in build quality and our gold tipped aglets, you are sure to have shoelaces that will last for years to come. Whether you need a good pair of laces for an athletic shoe or something to get your specialty sneakers noticed and customized, we’re here to help.

If you need anything at all, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch! If you would like to know the best shoelaces size for your shoes, then please visit our Shoelace Size Chart. Thank you.

Red, Black, White and Gold Tips for Shoe Laces

Get your metal-tip shoe laces in your preferred color to add some color and style to your shoe. We have them in red, white, black, and gold.

The different colored tips are available with the leather, flat waxed, and rope, giving you plenty of options. The tips of our gold-tipped shoelaces are imprinted with our symbolic crown to give it a royal feel.

Why Buy Shoe Laces from Loop King?

In shoelaces, we set the bar, and we set it high. We are the go-to company for laces for all shoe types. Below are a few reasons to buy from us:

Fast worldwide shipping – We ship your new pair of shoelaces direct to your door. Our quick shipping process ensures you get the laces in the shortest time possible no matter where you are.

Variety – Our collection of shoelaces comes in different sizes, materials, colors, and different choices. No matter how sophisticated your taste is, we have just the pair for you.

30-days return policy – We guarantee the best quality shoe laces. If your new shoe laces arrive and the quality is not up to par, you can use our free 30-day return policy to return the laces for replacement.
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