Nike Air Max sneaker on top of a wedding cake.

Gone are the days of strictly wearing formal footwear to weddings, even if you’re walking down the aisle.

Besides, your wedding attire should represent your unique personality and wedding style – so if you’re the kind of person that enjoys your favorite pair of sneakers, why not embrace them on your important day?

The fact is that a high-end pair of sparkly sneakers can go toe to toe with even the ritziest heels and pumps.

All manner of sneaks can work, from modest slip-ons to extravagant high-tops with glitter and shoelace charms.

There are a few essential factors to consider when shopping for a pair of wedding sneakers, though.

Most importantly, you need to find a pair of sneaks that offer excellent comfort & support. After all, why opt for wedding sneakers if they aren’t going to be comfortable and supportive when you’re hitting the dance floor?

Beyond that, you should consider your wedding venue. Are you going to get married in an outdoor location while walking through grass, gravel, or other uneven surfaces? If so, you need a durable pair of wedding shoes that can withstand the elements.

As you can see, quite a bit goes into selecting a pair of wedding sneakers.

To guide you, we’ve put together 21 stunning options for wearing wedding dresses with sneakers. Let’s get our bridal accessories game on!

Need to pick your sneakers now?

These top stylish wedding dress sneakers are perfect for rounding out your outfit with serious sophistication and flair. Look no further – you’ve got everything needed to make an unforgettable entrance!

1. Keds Women’s Kate Spade Triple Glitter Sneaker

This exquisite offering from Keds has everything you want out of a wedding sneaker; it’s shimmering and luxurious while also being supportive and comfortable.

Also, its gold eyelets and Kate Spate logo add extra touches of luxury.

2. TRETORN Women’s Nylite Canvas Sneakers

Getting married on the beach?

If so, these beautiful Espadrilles are the perfect option. Designed for comfort, they’re exceptionally breathable, thanks to their design.

They will also add some extra height due to their braided jute platform – which will protect your feet from the elements.

3. Christian Louboutin Aurelien Pink Leather Sneakers

These stand-out pink leather offerings from Christian Louboutin make outstanding wedding sneakers for many reasons, especially if you’re rocking a pink wedding gown.

They feature high-end leather, sparkly glitter, and a comfortable & supportive leather sole.

4. UUBARIS Women’s Glitter Tennis Sneakers

If you want to go extra-flashy, these fancy sneakers from UUBARIS are the way to go.

They’re gold and shiny, featuring an EVA honeycomb stable insole capable of absorbing impacts – so they’re also perfect for dancing.

5. UIN Women’s Fashion Floral Art Sneaker

Do you plan on rocking an uber-colorful wedding dress?

Then your wedding sneakers should follow suit.

This floral art sneaker from UIN is exceptionally colorful with its eccentric patterns. It’s a slip-on that has slip-resistant soles, so you won’t have to worry about them flying off while dancing.

Use LoopKing™ Laces to Make Wedding Sneakers Even More Luxurious

The last thing you want is to ruin your wedding sneakers with boring shoelaces featuring low-grade fabrics on your special day.

After all, for any pair of bridal sneakers to look their best, they need high-quality shoelaces featuring premium materials.

Our selections at LoopKing™ laces are perfect for wedding sneakers, from our fine leather laces to soft, heavenly velvet, don’t wait to check out our extensive luxury collection today.

6. Christian Louboutin Silver Leather Sneakers

You’ll love these offerings from Christian Louboutin if you’re a fan of animal print (or if you plan on using it in your wedding dress).

Besides the stand-out animal print, these shoes also feature ritzy jewel spikes and a comfy leather sole.

7. Golden Goose Superstar Leather Upper

Golden Goose’s luxury sneakers from Italy are perfect for weddings, and this offering is no exception.

Featuring a premium leather upper, glitter-laden star, and perforated logo on the tongue, this sneaker will look fantastic peeking out from your wedding dress.

8. BC Footwear Women’s Support Sneaker

These bespoke sneakers are the perfect choice for a backyard wedding, as they’re made from all-natural raffia.

As a bonus, they’re 100% vegan and feature a comfortable leather sole.

9. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

High-top sneakers like Chuck Taylor All-Stars are excellent for city weddings.

They work great for traditional white wedding dresses, so don’t forget about them!

10. Keds Floral Eyelet Sneakers

Speaking of white wedding dresses, these beautiful sneakers from Keds are also a fantastic option.

The upper features gorgeous floral embroidery, a cushioned insole, gold eyelets, and imitation pearl embellishments.

11. Nike Air Force 1 Glitter Swoosh

Add some glitter to the classic Nike swoosh, and you have a formidable wedding sneaker worthy of the likes of Serena Williams.

Rhinestone Laces, Shoelace Charms, & More from LoopKing™

A pair of LoopKing™ shoelace charms.
Loop King™ Laces Gold Tips Aglets Metal

To round out your wedding footwear, you need luxurious shoelaces featuring embossed gold aglet tips, rhinestones, and shoelace charms.

We’ve got all your wedding footwear needs covered at LoopKing™ laces.

Our shoelaces are known for outlasting other brands by 3x, so don’t wait to order a pair today.

12. EpicStep Casual Canvas Shoes

Who needs stilettos?

These platform shoes from EpicStep will provide a boost in height without sacrificing your comfort, and they feature an imported fabric upper and a flexible rubber sole for dancing.

13. JIAJIA Bridal Sneakers

These sneakers were specially constructed to be wedding sneakers, hence their pristine, transparent ivory lace upper and heart-shaped shoelace charm.

14. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Fashion Sneakers

Dream Pairs excellent trainers provide equal parts visual appeal and comfort, making them a great candidate if you plan on dancing all night long.

15. Converse Chuck Taylor Leopard Platform Shoes

For an eccentric wedding day look, these platform sneakers from Converse feature a premium leather upper with leopard print.

Top-Tier Shoelaces for Your Wedding Sneakers

Flat Waxed Tan Shoe Laces With Gold Tips

To make your wedding sneakers look and feel even better, try out a pair of our luxury leather or waxed shoelaces from LoopKing™.

In particular, our waxed shoelaces feature special coatings that prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. As such, they’re the perfect laces to choose if you plan on getting married outside.

We have a wide variety of colored laces to choose from, so don’t wait to take a peek for yourself.

16. Betsey Johnson Women’s Sidny Sneaker

The color blue represents the purity of love, so it’s tradition to include ‘something blue’ at a wedding – and these snazzy blue glitter sneakers are a great option.

17. CHERSE Orthopedic Rhinestone Sneakers

Do you experience regular foot pain?

Then you need to try out these fantastic orthopedic sneakers from CHERSE. Not only are they incredibly supportive, but they feature a sleek silhouette and the rhinestones make them shiny sneakers.

18. Soludos Rainbow Wave Sneaker

If you’re having a particularly colorful wedding, rainbow sneakers are the way to go. These colorful sneakers from Soludos feature gorgeous embroidered rainbow and sun patterns.

19. The Paisley Box Personalized Bride Sneakers

Do you want your wedding sneakers to bear your new name to be?

Then you’re sure to love these bride sneakers that are completely customizable.

20. Aldo Rosecloud Sneakers

These are the perfect wedding sneakers for the hopeless romantic – as they’re complete with red heart motifs and a ‘blushing’ pink sole.

21. Steve Madden Women’s Maxima Sneaker

Last but not least, this elite offering from Steve Madden features an eccentric silhouette, pearl studs, and a synthetic sole for excellent comfort & support.

woman wearing a wedding dress with sneakers.

y now, you should have a better idea of how to rock wedding sneakers. The 21 shoes on this list all provide stand-out looks & excellent support. 

Yet, the sneakers themselves are only half the equation. 

You’ll also need high-end shoelaces to bring the best out of your wedding sneakers, so don’t wait to check out LoopKing™ Laces.


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