A newly married couple standing in front of the sunset.

Is your day to walk down the aisle fast approaching?

Time to get your wardrobe in order (and maybe your bridal party too), and that means more than just picking out a dress. You’ll also need to pay special attention to your footwear to properly round out your outfit.

A trend that’s taken off in recent years is to opt for a dope pair of wedding sneakers instead of formal dress shoes.

Yet, a vanilla pair of Air Jordans aren’t eccentric enough to make the cut. For wedding sneakers to work, they need something extra.

Shoelace charms, extravagant colors, bold high-tops, and luxurious materials (think high-end suede and leather) are all par the course here. Also, the more you can customize your wedding shoes, the better.

The best part?

Companies such as Nike, Jimmy Choo, and Converse all provide made-to-order custom wedding sneakers. 

You can customize every aspect of the shoe with these services, including the following:

  • Shoe size
  • Style (high-top, low-top, etc.)
  • Fabrics
  • Monogram
  • Sole
  • Shoelaces
  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Extras

With control over all these specifications, you’ll wind up with the perfect pair of wedding sneakers for your feet, and hopefully the perfect wedding night.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’re listing our picks for the top 9 custom wedding sneakers available right now.

How to Customize Wedding Sneakers: Making Your Wedding Date Amazing

Besides ordering a custom pair of sneakers, there are plenty of ways to customize your existing sneakers to make them wedding-worthy.

For instance, a lavish pair of shoelace charms can transform a dull pair of sneakers into an expressive fashion statement.

Lace locks are another way to add some bling to your would-be wedding sneakers. Besides looking super cool and flashy, they’ll also lock your laces in place – ensuring that your laces will never come untied.

Also, premium shoelaces can revolutionize the look of a sneaker. For instance, iced-out rhinestone laces are a great way to add bling to your footwear, as are fine leather laces with embossed gold aglet tips.

Speaking of aglets, you can add LoopKing™ gold aglet tips to any pair of shoelaces for a trendy, high-class look.

Get ready for the big day in style with these Top 9 Custom Wedding Sneakers!

Look stunning and keep your feet comfy all at once. Make sure you’re good to go on time – no need to worry about being late, so hurry up and start shopping now!

1. ALDO Women’s Rosecloud Sneakers

These beautiful sneakers feature durable faux leather for a comfortable yet snug fit. They’re heavenly white with fun hearts and a pink sole, which is perfect for a wedding.

They’re formal enough to pass for wedding sneakers, yet flexible enough that you can show off your moves on the dance floor with ease.

To take things a step further, try adding shoelace charms or hot pink laces.

2. Lady Couture High-Top Rhinestone Sneakers

If bling is your thing, you can’t beat these studded rhinestone sneakers from Lady Couture. They’re especially effective if you plan on wearing a darker wedding dress.

While they are high-tops, the synthetic rubber sole provides ample flexibility for dancing and socializing at your wedding.

For an even ritzier look, try combining them with a pair of our gold leather laces.

3. Chooka Women’s Pride Sneakers

For a colorful wedding filled with pride, these gorgeous sneakers from Chooka are the way to go.

The sides and bottom feature a beautiful rainbow decor, and the upper is made from 100% leather.

Besides that, there’s a removable cushioned insole for comfort & support, so these sneakers are excellent if you experience lower back/foot pain when standing for long periods of time.

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Fashion Sneakers

These sneakers are equally flashy and supportive, which is great news for your feet.

They feature air-cushioned midsoles that absorb impact, so feel free to go nuts on the dance floor. They also have a thermoplastic elastomers sole for extra support, so you won’t have to worry about getting sore after standing for too long.

Style-wise, they’re wedding-dress white and feature glitter & studs, but you could take things a step further with shoelace charms and white leather laces with gold aglet tips.

Luxury Shoelaces Fit for a Royal Wedding

Your wedding sneakers need exquisite laces for them to reach their full potential, which is where LoopKing™ Laces comes into the picture.

Our shoelaces only feature the highest quality materials, which is why they’re well known for outlasting other brands.

Whether you fancy fine leather, velvet, rhinestones, or waxed, our laces always maintain a pristine appearance and supportive knots – so don’t wait to order a pair today.

5. Christian Louboutin Women’s Loubishark Sneakers

These stand-out sneakers are sure to turn heads at your wedding due to their unique soles – which resemble the teeth of a shark.

Besides that, these sneakers feature a pristine white color, and a fine leather sole and upper.

Try adding a pair of crystal laces to add an extra touch of sophistication.

6. UUBARIS Women’s Glitter Sneakers

This offering from UUBARIS has it all when it comes to wedding sneakers. It’s got glitter, a gorgeous lace floral pattern, and an impact-absorbing insole.

It’s also the perfect color to match traditional wedding dresses, which is a plus.

As far as customization goes, some white rope laces with gold tips peeking out would put the icing on the wedding cake.

7. Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Fuchsia Glow

Nike Air Force 1s are a classic, and with a little customization, they can make the perfect custom bridal sneakers.

This offering is already well on its way, with a gorgeous cream color and a sole featuring a blast of white and pink.

Golden lace locks will add visual flair while also making your sneakers effortless to put on and take off.

8. Converse Chuck Taylor Leopard Platform Sneakers

Are you a fan of animal print?

If so, these are the wedding sneakers for you. They’re wedding Converse Chuck Taylors, so they’re already cool by default. Add some leopard print and glitter and you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

To really make these sneakers pop, try fitting them with a pair of dark gray leather shoelaces with gold aglet tips.

9. Adidas Women’s Nizza Platform Sneaker

Lastly, Adidas Nizza platform sneakers are perfect for adding a little extra height on your wedding day.

They also feature a comfy rubber sole, and they’re ripe for customization.

You can go wild with luxury laces, shoelace charms, and lace locks to customize these classic sneakers.

Final Takeaways: 9 Best Custom Wedding Sneakers for Your Special Day

A married couple wearing sneakers traversing a hill.

We hope this list got your creative juices flowing for customizing your wedding sneakers.

There are plenty of high-end companies out there that will make custom wedding sneakers from scratch and mail them straight to your door.

Beyond that, there are plenty of fun and exciting ways to customize sneakers with shoelace charms, lace locks, and different types of luxury shoelaces.

Speaking of luxury laces, LoopKing™ laces feature premium materials, bold gold tips, and they outlast other brands – so don’t wait to check them out.


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